Lesson Plans for Young Entrepreneurs

Teach your children and teens to become business minded

Junior Achievement

JA Be EntrepreneurialJunior Achievement distributes “JA Be Entrepreneurial,” a new high school lesson plan that challenges students to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in high school. JA Be Entrepreneurial consists of seven sessions which take 45 minutes to complete. The curriculum teaches students to analyze the needs for their market, define their competitive advantages, and recognize the elements of a successful start-up business. In addition to the curricula, more resources are available online, including full-length sessions, podcasts, and activities for students to practice on their own.

Materials are packaged in a self-contained kit that includes detailed session plans for the teacher and materials for 32 students. In addition to entrepreneurial skills, the program will enhance students’ skills in other areas including their ability to categorize data, express multiple viewpoints, present information to groups, and weigh consequences. Each student will be capable of writing a business plan upon completion of the series of lessons.

Grade: 9-12
Price: Free of cost to schools and organizations. To learn more about receiving this program in your area, contact your local Junior Achievement office.




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4 Responses to Lesson Plans for Young Entrepreneurs

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  2. Miko Lee says:

    Marcia, this is great. Thanks for the info. I plan on buying the mini economy lesson plan for my toddler.

  3. Miko Lee says:

    I came back to this posting to find out where I could buy the mini economy. It wasn’t until now that I realized that it is fitting for GRADES 2 – 6, not AGES. LOL. Oh well, I hope it’s still around in a few years. And all this time I was wondering what, exactly, a 2 year old could learn about entrepreneurship. At the same time, I figured it couldn’t hurt to start early…

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