Limo Service Goes Green

Dunn Rite Limousine Service adds hybrids to luxury fleet

offer the best service by offering a Mercedes Benz rather than a Lincoln Town Car,” says Dunn, who charges $75 per hour plus gratuity for the X550, $80 per hour plus gratuity for the Escalade, and $65 per hour plus gratuity for the Hybrid.

Dunn says he is also able to edge out the competition by using a localized client base.

“A lot of my friends and associates who have limo businesses get more money per job than I am, but they aren’t getting as many jobs as I am because their clients don’t live in New York. They’re coming from Los Angeles and other places so they’re here once for a week and then you don’t see them for awhile,” Dunn says. “My clients live in New York which means regular business for me and that has become a niche for me,” he says.

Clearly, Dunn is in the driver’s seat of a tough industry. As for the future, he sees nothing but open road and endless possibilities.

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