Location, Location, Location

Choose a commercial retail space that suits your business

Here are five commercial facilities to consider when choosing what suits your business needs:

(Average National Rent: Varies by season)

Kiosks are short term, temporary investments that are typically placed inside malls or subway stations where there is a lot of foot traffic and high visibility.

“Because they’re short-term, rents are all over the place, depending on the time of year and location,” says Consolo. “I’ve seen rents of well over $1,000 per week for a good location during the holiday selling season, dropping to two thirds of that during off-times.”

Some kiosks are great for retailers who want to test the location without making a major financial investment. Because kiosks are small, businesses that lease kiosks are limited to selling merchandise that is also small. Typical products sold from kiosks include hair and jewelry accessories and small electronics.

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