Hi, Hater: Squashing Workplace Beef from Start Can Ensure Less Drama in the End

'Love & Hip Hop' star talks managing and overcoming conflict

How To Rise Above the Hate

Keep a positive outlook. If it’s bearable, let them hate and continue to do you staying positive and focused. However, sometimes it can get to be unbearable. If you do reach that breaking point, here are some things you can do to protect yourself, your job, and most importantly your fist from meeting someone’s face:

Try to have a one on one conversation. Be pleasant and go with the intention to resolve any issues. Give the hater an opportunity to voice their issues. But, be mindful that most haters won’t be able to articulate the real issue and will instead try to create one by focusing on miniscule issues they’ve unjustly morphed into huge problems. You will quickly recognize that their goal is not for resolution and no matter what you say or do they won’t commit to truce. At this point, you must now move past mediation to preservation.

Conduct yourself in a professional manner while at work at all times. Arrive on time, perform your duties to the best of your ability, do not participate in office gossip and ignore the situation as much as possible. The hater will look for any loophole to bring you down.

Lastly, seek a healthy environment where you are respected and recognized for your work accomplishments. Trust me, you’ll be better off!

One thing you don’t want to do is allow the hater to turn you into someone just like them. Misery loves company. At the end of the day, a hater is going to be a hater! There’s really not much you can do to change them. So, make sure you recognize them, protect yourself, kill them with kindness, and excel to a point where even the hater has to eventually give you props and respect. After that, sit back, kick your feet up on your desk, laugh while you waddle in all your success and say to yourself when they walk by or are mentioned, “Hi, Hater!”

Yandy Smith is a music management powerhouse and co-founder/CEO of Everything Girls Love, a lifestyle, Web publishing and fashion brand. With valuable experience collaborating alongside entertainment heavyweight Mona Scott-Young at multimedia conglomerate Violator Management, and later, Monami Entertainment, she has worked with music industry greats including 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, and Jim Jones.

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  • Succesful Sim

    I would like to commend you Yandy for being such a positive energy, and such an intelligent and classy professional…..that “keeps it classy at all times”. I’m very impressed with your articles and this one in particular regarding the workplace haters is on point. Unfortunately,I can totally relate to these experiences and have persevered . It’s unfortunate that we have to go through these experiences in the workplace however it’s all too common. Keep up the great articles! Look forward to the future articles. They are a welcomed attention to Black Enterprise.

  • Jessica

    I really enjoyed reading this article and I think that its one that many business people should read. I am a senior in college and interning right now, I see the office drama day in and day out. I believe that your ill feelings towards someone should be left out of the workplace however, if they enter it they should be handled accordingly. It should not be obvious to everyone around you that you have an issue with one of your co-workers. Because that the end of the day everyone has a job and a purpose and hating on the next person is not your purpose or what you were hired to do.

  • Chris

    Earl Graves, Sr. and Earl Graves, Jr.! Are you kidding me? Or shall I say the current over used phrase question…..Really?! Yandy Smith? You let her give “advice” on negativity in the workplace.The magazine states she was to give tips for entrepreneurial success. That article was about her personal experience on “Love and Hip Hop” and the negative environment that she partly created. You can just read the twenty something year old hot head attitude. I agree that she has been successful. She is a very pretty young lady. I just wish she would use her positive attributes in every phase, even when the camera is rolling. Bottom line the blog was as it was advertised. BE simply took advantage of Yandy’s popularity from the “Love And Hip Hop” show. Get it rightnext time! Graves Sr., you are still my idol!

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