Millionaire Mom of 6 Talks Birthing Business Breakthroughs

Lenika Scott shares 7 strategies for fostering business growth

Family photo of Lenika and Gregg Scott and their six girls

Recent Scott family photo (Source: Lenika Scott)

3) Humility– There is always something to be learned or gained through knowledge. True humility is staying teachable no matter how much you know! Remember, there is someone who will always be more successful, more advanced, and have more wisdom than you have even in your area of “expertise.” However, as we remain humble, it always opens us up for more.

4) Resilience – If one is to be successful in business, there will be many advancements and promotions, but also there will be adversities, with many trials and failures attached. However, the power to bounce back, ability to speak life and drive to move forward can never be optional.

5) Forgiveness – Learning to release and letting go is huge in business and in life. Why? Because there will be people who will defy your trust, undermine your character, and maybe even attempt to assassinate your name. If you focus on those things, they can and will serve as a huge blessing blocker. In addition, you must always be ready to forgive yourself and ask others for forgiveness. The willingness to forgive and let go opens up the door for unlimited success in all aspects of your life, which includes business.

6) Risk – In business, many times risks are taken and those risks may not always work in your best interest. However, it is worth it because it teaches you perseverance. You may have to change the plan BUT the goal stays the same.

7) Ownership – Having a firm, unshakeable belief in yourself is so important. All success starts and ends with you! We teach our organization that “If it’s to be … then it’s up to me!” You should try it, post it, and affirm it daily. In success, you can never escape personal responsibility. At the end of the day, believe it, execute it, and OWN IT!

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  • Rae Hope

    Great article!! I’m so super proud of my friend Lenika and her powerful testimony! This gives me inspiration!

  • Robin Williams-Hopkins

    This is one of my mentors, I am so glad to be in business with someone that’s willing to help me become successful as well.

  • LaShawn Williamson

    Trustworthiness is a priceless commodity! Lenika’s work ethic exudes this characteristic and her passion for helping others is contagious! As a motivated Mom of 5, I too am so blessed to have her as an example to follow as I build my business with Total Life Changes!

  • TEBenterprises LLC.

    She sucks she owes me money, not a woman of her word. A true profitess of the world But of course that side is hidden well.

  • Shirley Grandison

    Thanks for sharing every word help me n going push me even hard now in my bussiness. You couldn’t explain it no better than that..

  • Lakecia Talley

    That’s awesome to see what God and you two are able to do Blessings

  • Juwanna

    Love it if have to start somewhere great guidance and mentor