National Small Business Week Kicks Off

SBA celebrates 45th year of event

Matt HoganBruen, a managing director with Bank of America.

For those who can’t make it to Washington, D.C., or New York, the Webcasts will provide a vital resource. “We wanted to provide maximum access to the important policy discussions and the remarks from our award winners regarding their experiences and success,” Prakash says. “It’s also a great way for colleagues and families of our honorees to watch the honorees receive awards.”

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  • The small positive things that you do for your team goes a long way.  Give them a clear path of direction and step back so their creative juices can flow.

    • Elaine Jackson

      Not on projects.  The team can be creative and share creative ideas during the planning phases but once the plan is agreed to — no creative gold plating is allowed.

  • David


  • Is the point system still not working correctly?

    • Cherkitawilliams

      From what I am experiencing no it is not…

    • Kallen

      I haven’t gotten credit for any points since the last technology video.

    • no it’s not and I’m getting really angry on over I should have 10,000+ points as well, I’m in the exact same position as Kallen since the last technology video no more points earned not by my doing. Are they even reading this posts???????????

      • so your just here for the points?

    • I haven’t rec’d any points for the last 6 videos, I havent’ rec’d the points for finishing each week and I haven’t rec’d points for sharing 3 videos a week.  I sure hope they’re not rewarding people for points when ppl aren’t receiving them.  It’s actually a little unfortunate that a company like BE would be having this many glitches in a program they’ve created.  

  • Infinitehi4

    Scott, this information is directed at small businesses but as a corporate employee this could very well be useful in the corporate sector. 

  • Kallen

    If only some of my bosses of the past could have received this information. Great video!

  • Kristina Nelson

    Very Informative

  • Thanks Mr. Scott for the wonderful examples/stories. It’s helping me to understand why your advice are the best practices in being a good manager/leader. Giving my volunteers creative license gives them engagement in the nonprofit vision. 

  • Ransford

    Helicopter guy! Micromanagers…don’t like them. I hope I’m not one.
    Team need to be in the know and stay on course.
    Like team vision concept.

  • Jorge

    thanks, good advise! 5-29-12 11:58 p.m.

  • Good info!

  • Daks. J

    Micromanaging kills the team motive. 

  • Cherry

    I really appreciate the information. I am forwarding this to many others whom i feel may accept this feedback from an expert.

  • Great info for entrepreneurs and corporations.

  • Fuzzy Spritz

    Ideas across the board is a great way to build the company – being open to ideas.

  • Lucubrate75

    Wow the point system is working thank you Lord get them while the getting is good

  • tony harrison

    right now im the only one holding every thing down and i dont have much suport but i am very posative thank you .

    • WLM

       Don’t fret Tony. I am too. You are not alone. What do you do?

  • Thanks.

  • Elaine Jackson

    Project Managers are responsible for what their team do and don’t do.
    We are seen as the reason the project failed.  So allowing an innovative spirit can be an opening  for lots of problems in addition to scope creep.
    I am trying to manage in a way that allows client students to understand the rules of engagement and to take responsibility for not passing the PMP Exam.The problem I have with this hands off process is my business thrives on students passing the PMP Exam. At times I am more focused on them passing the exam than they are.  This is going to change.
    Elaine Jackson, BS, PMP

    • WLM

       I understand your concerns regarding scoop creep, but I think this video is addressing as a manager, you should allow the development process to be inclusive at ground level for greater input. Therefore, in the planning and brainstorming timeline of a project, be open to all sources as opposed to the top down process. You can’t always see from the Ivory tower. That’s we had shows like the undercover boss.

  • Mrazq1

    Great Management tips – Thanks!

  • I think delegating is the most difficult part of leadership.

    • You are correct Sweets Cummings. It take a strong and wise leader to let go of some responsibility. 

      • Donna

        Especially for business owners.

  • Oh this was very good!! Thanks.

  • Dlovitt2

    The “E” in leadership should mean that your business decisions must include “everyone”.

  • Thank you

  • Kuniko

    I agree with this video. It is always best to get ideas from your employees. Other can sometimes see things that you don’t get to see.

  • Sandra Butler

    I hate bosses who micro manage you..

    • Kristina

       Completely agree with you on that!!

  • Donna

    Quality Principles Management Strategies.

  • Zurriane

    Good points

  • GlobalService

    Very good information. Do not micro manage! Allow employees to be intrapreneurs. Love it!

  • Laura Hudson

    I agree with everything in this lesson however, I do find it hard not to micro manage  others when it my name on the line. This is something I need to work.

  • Bobby

    Goal setting should be a constant thing in your business.  

  • Jonathanpope71

    This is an excellent set of instructions. Good job Mr Gerber and Black Enterprise.

  • Cass

    I LOVE everything this person has said about being
    a good manager, especially with NOT micromanaging! Behavior like that speaks
    volumes about the company, and does not motivate one to care or take pride in
    the work. I have a Director like this and I count the days until I get my
    business off the ground and give my notice of leave! I would be honored if this
    person could speak at the company I work for. Management could use a refresher
    on proper management etiquette.

  • Awesome presentation. I will not become micromanger.

  • Sharise Bailey

    Thank you for the information. It was really good to know.

  • Devonne

    Good video Mr. Gerber, I like the “intraprenuers” concept!

  • Michael125

    I loved the three steps. 1) not being a micromanager, 20 letting employees be intrapreneurs, and setting goals.