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MLK memorial, Urban League honors, USDA allegations

Unemployment High for African American College Graduates

help_wanted2The benefits of a college diploma are not evenly shared by all graduates with four-year degrees, suggests new research that shows educated blacks are unemployed at a much higher rate that their white counterparts.

Between March 2007 and March 2009 unemployment for white college graduates remained relatively low; increasing from 1.6% to 3.8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Conversely, unemployment for black graduates more than doubled to 7.2% from 2.7%.

“Some argue that the problem of joblessness among African Americans can be solved by education alone, but at every education level the unemployment rate for blacks exceeds that of whites,” writes Algernon Austin, an EPI sociologist who analyzed the BLS data.

The solution to the disparity, says Austin, is a renewed commitment to anti-discrimination in employment and job creation in black communities.

–Marcia A. Wade

Sojourner Truth Honored with D.C. Memorial


Sojourner Truth will once again make history when the National Congress of Black Women Inc. (NCBW) erects a memorial in her honor in the nation’s capitol. Truth, a slave  turned abolitionist, will be the first African American woman to have a memorial in the Capitol building, April 28.

“Sojourner Truth inspired generations of women to demand equality and who later would dare to reach for the ballot,” said President Barack Obama, in a press release announcing the event. “Her Memorial is a milestone, not just for African Americans and women, but for all Americans.”

The honor is a 10-year effort spearheaded by late civil-rights activist C. Delores Tucker, former chair of the NCBW, and will include the Celebration of Truth campaign. Along with the unveiling, the program will feature a presentation of Truth’s speech “Ain’t I A Woman,” by actress, Cicely Tyson and music by gospel singer, Yolanda Adams.

Born into bondage in New York, Truth was eventually sold John Dumont in 1810, who promised her freedom a year before New York State emancipation laws were to take effect, if she was remained loyal. After Dumont reneged on the deal, Truth escaped claiming her own freedom. Later, working as a travelling preacher, she spoke out against slavery and for women’s rights.

“This accomplishment has been a struggle, but at the National Congress of Black Women, we have learned that it is from our struggles that we gain our victories,” said Dr. E. Faye Williams, national chair of NCBW.

–Renita Burns

Free Workshops for Small Business Owners


The Counselors to America’s Small Business (SCORE) and Hewlett Packard are teaming up for a series of free workshops for small businesses. The program, “For the Good of Your Business –Surviving Challenging Times,” will provide lessons on technology-based strategies to help small business owners weather current economic conditions and sustain long term growth.

The workshops will be held in eight cities across the nation with the first event kicking off in Southern California at the Glendale Hilton. Workshop attendees can expect to gain tips on maximizing revenue, cutting costs, planning for disaster and leveraging environmental strategies. The series will also focus on how to win government contacts.

For those who cannot attend a workshop, HP will provide online resources and tools for small businesses as well as Webinars, podcasts, eGuides and business checklists. These resources a part of a new technology center SCORE added to its Website, “Technology and Tolls for Every Stage of Your Business.

Workshops will be held at the following locations:
April 28—Glendale Hilton, Los Angeles, Calif.
April 30—Huntington Beach Central Library, Orange County, Calif.
May 28—The Corporate College East, Cleveland, Ohio
June 11— Colorado History Museum, Denver, Colo.
September 10— Independence Visitor Center, Philadelphia, Pa.
September 24—The Signature Grand, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
November 11—HP Houston Campus Center, Houston, Texas
December 3—Arizona State University, West Campus, Phoenix, Ariz.

–Renita Burns

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