News Roundup: Week of Sept. 27 – Oct. 3

Businesses feel healthcare pinch; Global warming top issue

Survey Shows Blacks See Global Warming as Major Problem

globalwarmingA Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies survey found that a majority of blacks believe climate change is a growing problem that needs immediate action to remedy.

Fifty-eight percent of the 750 respondents identified global warming as a “major problem,” with many (59%) believing environmental conditions will be worse for future generations.

“While African Americans are underrepresented in the public debates on climate change and environmental issues generally, they are as aware of these issues as other groups in American society, and committed to action — both personal and governmental — to deal with the problems associated with climate change,” said Ralph B. Everett, President and CEO of the Joint Center, in a statement.

A vast majority believe climate change is already causing–or will soon cause– worsening public health (59%), economic instability (61%), increasing flooding, fires, and droughts (60%), and energy dependence (64%).

One of the key findings in the survey is that 26% of African Americans believe they can do “a lot” to reduce global warming, and an additional 44% believe they can take “at least some measures” to tackle the problem. Respondents also expressed support for the cap-and-trade legislation, which puts limits on carbon emissions and gives rewards for energy efficiency. Many said they would support strong provisions for green jobs, incentives to buy energy efficient cars, and improvements to home energy efficiency.

–Janell Hazelwood

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