Prescription Pipeline

A10 Clinical Solutions’ CEO Leah Brown turned her pain into a thriving enterprise

Bob Stanley, chief financial officer and chief operating officer of A10, believes the company’s growth rate is sustainable. “Pharma is going to continue to grow. The pipelines in many of the major pharmaceutical companies have been depleted over the course of the last decade or so,” he says. “The demand for them to bring new products to market, especially in the context of the 24/7 global world that we’re in today, is going to just rapidly continue to grow. I think that positions us to not only grow along with the pharma industry but to be able to actually step in front of it by the way in which we partner with them.”

Looking ahead, Brown sees the significance in gaining overseas exposure, projecting 2011 revenues of roughly $25 million. Many of A10’s clients have a global presence and look for suppliers that can go where they do. “I’ve traveled frequently lately to China, South Africa, South America to see how we can extend our work to countries and areas that need it most,” says Brown. “I’m in the midst of figuring it out and trying to make money at the same time.”

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