P&G Enters Music Business

TAG deodorant gets record label through Island Def Jam partnership

amount of money behind this endeavor.”

Dupri, who recently released his autobiography Young, Rich and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul, believes the partnership will expose urban music artists to a whole new arena. “I’m selling music as always–I just have a bigger platform,” explains Dupri, who has begun searching for talent for the TAG roster. “The artists get the luxury of being in the commercials like any other endorsement deal.”

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21 Responses to P&G Enters Music Business

  1. Favort2 says:

    Very informative. You gave a lot of gave tips. Thanks !!!!

  2. Eugenewjr says:

    Something to think about even though I’m not at that level yet.

  3. Lucubrate75 says:

    Passing the torch to right person ensures that your business will not only live on, but will have the opportunity to continue to grow.  

  4. Good information to have for the future.

  5. Heidi Burks says:

    Huh I wish i would of know this b4 I decided to hire my family…

    • Infinitehi4 says:

      Don’t dismiss family, they make wonderful relief support if they can be “trusted” in business.  Some relatives have the same desires and want to succeed.  Too often family or friends who want something for nothing are the first in line but not always a wise choice but when you share your vision with them hopefully it works out for the better for everyone envolved. 

  6. Juana Sky says:

    ok great thank you. 

  7. Infinitehi4 says:

    Wow!!  Wonderful information for those of us with Trust Issues.  I need a bit more work so my closed colleagues are people I have groomed and have like minded interest in the community and bringing about a change.

  8. Sandra Butler says:

    Knowing who to trust to run your business is important.They should possess talent,maturity and vision to run the business..

  9. Sandra Butler says:

    Make sure whoever you chose to run your business has the leadership skills…

  10. Ransford says:

    This is a hard one. What about  ones legacy?

  11. Zurriane says:

    Wise words

  12. Victoria says:

    I enjoyed her presentation and learned a lot about family being a part of your business, but sometimes that can be a mistake.  I learned that the hard way

  13. Donna says:

    Great suggestions for exiting a business.

  14. Tettcommunitydevelopment says:

    That’s something to think about….. an exit strategy never crossed my mind. Thanks guys I’m learning a lot!

  15. Bobby says:

    Great information to consider.

  16. Mrazq1 says:

    Food for thought. This course has my whells spinning. Thanks!

  17. Rhonda Ulmer says:

    Ms. Lynnette you are the bomb.com! Thanks for the great advice!! 

  18. Devonne says:

    Good advice!

  19. Janarthanan Dakshnamoorthy says:

    Great insight.

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