Positioning Yourself for an Opportunity

15 proven small-business action items to take advantage of the weak economy

11.  Network and use your connections. I don’t know why we always forget to tap into our database and circle. Join organizations to widen your networking base and utilize your friends/co-workers/affiliation to make the introduction for you.

12. Empower yourself and others. Give back to others from a sacred space and be counted. You can volunteer, make a contribution or just be there for someone in need.

13. Be consistent. If you provide service a certain way … continue to provide it that same way, only BETTER.

14. Be viral. The Internet is a force and you must participate. For companies to prosper they must register with an online social network for connections (LINKEDIN, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter); blog; e-blast newsletters; webinars; and podcast.

15. Smile and be engaging.

*Caviar & Chitlin’ Moment: This is your moment to win and be counted – your opportunity is close, don’t give up. Tomorrow is a new day, promote your business, and be purposeful, poised, and consistent. (*I created Caviar & Chitlin’ moments to offer motivational nuggets for entrepreneurs seeking inspiration to take their dream to the next level on a shoestring budget.)

Excerpted  from “You Want Caviar But Have Money For Chitlins – A Smart PR Guide For Those On A Budget” by Karen Taylor Bass (TaylorMade Media Books; $15.95)

Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert, provides entrepreneurs, corporations, and mompreneurs with essential branding, marketing, and public relations coaching; www.karentaylorbass.com and www.taylormademediapr.com.

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  • Well done, Karen.  No. 3 is very important.  Not speaking up can lead to headaches, if you don’t explain the challenges ahead.

    • Bryan, how are you? Thanks so much for posting a comment. Spread the word. Peace & love.

  • CaSandra Budyee

    Your article is much needed. I am always looking for ways to improve myself. Thanks.

  • Wendy

    These action items will definitely be added to my plan. I totally appreciated #10. As I work on my business, I come across so many dream vampires and haters. I am now very careful to whom I share my pearls with. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

  • Thank you for both #’s 2 and 10. I am fortunate that our (studio) reputations is well rounded due to our love of people and dance. Our parents refused to let me close my door due to the sudden death of my dear husband 2008 (my back bone), they heard they jump and created a committee of parents to assist in raising funds to keep the doors open and our youths off the street even if it’s for and hour, there is where the LOVE is. Dream Vampires: I never heard of it that way, I will say thank you for this wonderful advice. When I get so excited of our accomplishments I just tell it all, especially expanding to a larger venue to add more in the Art Industry Phew! what a lesson.

  • Karen, this is the most inspiring, and on point article I’ve read about seeking opportunities for advancement for self or other. It’s very realistic and should represent the norm.

  • Karen, this is the most inspiring article I’ve read regarding positioning yourself for personal advancement. This should be the norm.

  • Thanks for the insightful article. Some of your points are on point and are worth further indepth investigation.

  • I am being proactive. The person I want to get in touch with is YOU Karen. Love your article(s). Always informative and helpful. I am trying to get some notice for a product I’ve invented called the Icecalator. It’s an ice bucket where no tongs are needed and hands never touch the ice. Please check out my website (www.icecalator.com) and give me feedback when you can. Thanks.


    Thank you Karen for the golden nuggets! This will help so many people if we apply it.