Power Moves: 7 Ways You Can Profit From Our Entrepreneurs Conference

Nation's largest Black business event gives companies access to connections, contracts and capital

  • Learn to be a hustler.

In achieving entrepreneurial goals, Kimbro took a chapter from an old school text but the message was just as powerful in a new school era: “You got to hustle. Those who make things happen all share this quality. No matter how intelligent or able bodied you may be, if you don’t have a sense of urgency and the need to explore your potential, you will fall short of the mark. Hustle is doing something that everyone else is certain cannot be done. Hustle is getting the customer to say yes after he or she said no. Hustle is believing in yourself when no one else will. Hustle is winning and encouraging others to win. Hustle is heaven if you’re a hustler and hell if you’re not.”

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