Remembering Michael Jackson


Jackson performs on stage during the 2006 World Music Awards. (Source: Getty Images)

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  • Dale

    When I first heard that he died, I couldn’t listen to his music without being overcome by sadness. As the shock of his death is wearing off, I am now angered by the endless media coverage of what allegedly happened the day he died and the fate of his children. There’s little talk of how charitable he was and the good he did accomplish and how many people have benefited. Now when I hear Michael’s music or see his videos, it’ll always remind me of happier times not just in my life but in the world. He was the King of Pop!!!!

  • deborah

    daer people of the world,we just lost the greatest icon/father most memerable man that has walked in our life time.let this man rest in piece,let his family mourn him in comfort.the public/media has to give them that much respect.i am fan ,butat the same time i know respect.he will always be in our hearts/mine for ever alow god to make michael safe and comfortable michael needs to rest godbless michael yours truely deborah[i love u michael].

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