SBA Updates Lending Rules

New provisions to help small businesses during weak economy

two common-sense reforms to improve credit access for small businesses. I also urge the Bush Administration to take further action on some of the bigger issues, such as bridge loans via the SBA disaster program.”

Just yesterday, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says the government is going to put a stronger focus on consumers and consumer credit as credit markets remain frozen.

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4 Responses to SBA Updates Lending Rules

  1. LARRY J RYAN JR says:

    I am trying to get a grant to enlarge my restaurant and more equipment to better serve my community.
    LAFAYETTE,La 70506


  2. fred says:

    Smalll businesses will have to find new ways to get capital. Many small businesses are not lucky enought to get a loan from the government but most money come from new ideas not used in conventional world. More flexable way generating venture capital. I have invented more agressive ways for small business owners to raise capital without begging the bank or the government for a handout.I am surprised that the big 3 have the nerve to ask for money when it is the small businesses that are suffering the most.

  3. adam wissel says:

    i’m having trouble getting a loan also ideas would be great. how is a small business going to survive without getting some kind of loan to expand advertise or eventually start hiring it is tough any ideas thanks

  4. JR says:

    I have a small 10 vehicle non emergency transportation operation that is growing but I can’t get access to capital that will allow me to cover payroll as I wait to collect on my invoices. A credit line or grant would allow me to double my revenue in a 2 yr period. I employ 9 people and would be able to add 10 more employees in that same period
    I’m in a great industry that is recession proof but can’t get the backing that’s needed.

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