Senate Committee Seeks Ways to Stimulate Small Business

Women and Minority-Owned Businesses Share Their Economic Struggles and Solutions

Administration, today nearly half of small business owners are doing this, when previously it was just one out of seven. The problem with using credit cards, however, is that business owners are finding the terms can change at any time, with increased interest rates and decreased lines of credit.

Landrieu says that her top priority will be to address the issue of access to affordable capital.

“Business owners traditionally take out lines of credit against the value of their homes for start-ups, or they will access credit cards. With the SBA clamping down on its lending programs, those are basically the avenues open to small businesses, and all of them have serious barriers in the way. They must be taken down. I’m not sure exactly how to proceed, but this is an issue that needs to be addressed by this Congress very, very quickly in the stimulus package.”

There are a number of SBA provisions in the Senate version of the stimulus bill that include waiving loan fees, an increase in funds for the SBA’s surety bond programs, and the creation of an accountability board to oversee SBA stimulus funds. Landrieu also wants to see reinstated the requirement to use a certain percentage of small businesses and minority contractors in the stimulus package, which was waived in the first TARP bill.

“The bigger issue and the point of [the hearing] is that small businesses are not charity cases. They’re a catalyst for growth and development,” Landrieu says. “This country needs every small business to survive and grow and expand if we’re going to truly revitalize this economy and we’ve tog to be thinking more strategically as a Congress about that.”

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  • JR

    My wife and I own a 9 vehicle non emergency transportation company (
    We have 7 drivers and an office assistant. We a fledgling growing company that need capital to cover payroll as we wait to collect on our invoices (net 30 to 45 days). This creates a cash flow problem when other bills are due (fuel,lease payments, office rental, vehicle maintainance as well as payroll tax and tax deposits. Having access to capital through loans, grants or lines of credits with low interest rates is vital to our survival and our survival is vital to our community. What can we do when banks aren’t willing to lend. They have strict qualifications and want collateral. Can some one help?

  • ben. tobin

    I’m with a empowerment group in Camden,SC, we are developing a new way of financing small business. The model used will be independent of bank credit. Small business will suport themseleves.
    We should be finish with develope in four weeks.

    • ben. tobin

      @ben. tobin,

  • This is very hot info. I think I’ll share it on Digg.

  • Gloria Crockett

    Very interested in seeing your model when finished.
    You can contact me at the email listed. Good Luck in your development efforts.

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