Vote Now: Small Business Awards 2012 Nominees


Amber’s Amazing Animal Baloons’ Amber Liggett; Mamma Nia’s Vegan Bakery’s Nia Froome; Weeds & Moore’s…

  • marsha thomas

    Congrads young ones

  • Charles E hardin Jr

    Continue your drive, as healthy foods is much needed by Black America. Thanks for taking that challenging step froward for us all.

  • Richard Coico

    I vote for Nia Froome.

  • Rolling Out

    Nia Froome got my Vote!

  • Josephine

    Nia, you are an awesome example of thinking outside the box and putting healthy thoughts and actions in front of our young leaders for tomorrow. I know your vegan treats are full of love. iya josie

  • Helen Poncet

    I vote for Nia Froome

  • Dianne Lopez

    I vote for Nia Froome!

  • Nicol L. Porter

    I vote for Amber’s Amazing Balloons! Congrats to you all.

  • Leslie Turner

    I vote for Amber’s Amazing Balloons!

  • Beverly Jackson

    Nia Froome gets my vote every time. She is gifted and a smart entreprenure

  • Jacqueline Lemon-Denton

    Congratulations Smart Teenprenures….my vote goes to Ms. Nia Froome.

  • Rochelle Sanders

    Nia Froome Vote YES, Continued Success and Keep up the great work. I am sure that your parents are proud of you continue to EXPECT MORE and wow look at what is ahead for you.


  • renrick

    Congratulation to you young entrepreneurs. Nia, keep the candle burning bright and keep reaching for the stars. My vote goes to Nia!

  • Eustace L Greaves Jr

    Nia’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are heavenly! I vote for Nia.

  • Marshell Brown

    These young people are to be commended for being aa shining example of how intelligence, dilligejnce, perserverance, and imagination can serve as a springboard into your future endeavors. KUDOS TO ALL. But my vote goes to Nia Froome. Ia m orwarding this to Mrs. Obama, who is dilligent in her work concerning youth and healthy fodds/treats. Good luck to all of you!

  • Marshell Brown

    Too bad I didn’t do a spellcheck to catch my typos!

  • Ed Breaux

    I vote for Amber’s Amazing Balloons!

  • Horace Moore

    I’m voting for Nia

  • C. Williams

    I hereby cast my vote for Nia Froome for her business Mamma Nia’s Vegan Bakery. Peace and Blessings.

  • Jeff

    Voting for Nia Froome her cookies are delicious.

  • Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations

    We here @ MBRV vote for Amber’s Amazing Animal Balloons. We support young people in business. Her animals are amazing.

  • Lakai Worrell

    You have my support Nia! WORD!!

  • trina scotland

    my vote is for Nia. proud of you.

  • trina scotland

    my vote is for nia. i’m proud of you.

  • Jewel A. Mattison

    Voting for Nia Froome
    Congratulation to an outstanding young entrepreneur who continues to let God’s light shine through her…Awesome spirit.

  • D Rich

    Voting for Nia Froome… All the best!

  • D Alleyne

    voting for Nia Froome…

  • S.Patterson

    I vote for Nia, looks like a winner to me.