Social Media Connection: Alfred Edmond Jr.

Alfred’s LinkedIn Profile Page

LinkedIn is another social media site that I've become far more active on thanks to a growing variety of new apps and capabilities. Once, my public LinkedIn profile was just a tricked-out online resume to me—not that useful given the fact that I've had the same employer for more than 20 years. Now, it is a truly useful networking tool, allowing me to do everything from feed posts from to my profile page to staying in closer contact with great sources of expertise for our web site and magazine. Unlike with Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, where I do my best to connect with as many "friends" as possible, I am strict about limiting my LinkedIn connections to people I actually know off-line—colleagues, professional acquaintances, friends and associates that I've connected with in the real world, not just via social media. LinkedIn is the social media site that I most want to take better advantage of, but so far, have failed to find time to do so.

LinkedIn is another social media site that I’ve become far more active on thanks to…

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