Social Media Connection: Francina Harrison, The Career Engineer

Francina Harrison TCE LinkedIn

LinkedIn (    One of the main things I love about this community is its non social factors...this is a “grown folks” platform for serious business owners and professionals.  Our business model is satisfied in this community via skill marketing our career changing clients; creating synergy with headhunters, contract recruiters and JV/procurement opportunities with small/large businesses.    One of the most beneficial areas on LinkedIn for TCE which has created increased revenue and access... is the endorsement feature. When I am asked for references of our work, I immediately provide the decision maker (in REAL time) to our LI endorsements (which stand at 30 right about now) and these testimonials have shelf life that is priceless.   We also enjoy engaging in group functions; Q&A and discussions which helps us connect with folks that are NOT a part of our networking sphere.  Again building credibility that can convert to commerce.  Yes, I have "closed business" via the power of this community.

LinkedIn ( One of the main things I love about this community…

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