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Venture capitalists are vying to invest in POSHGLAM. What was your strategy?
Venture capitalists have to be courted; you can’t just harass your way into their rolodex. You have to have the right marketing materials for them to take you seriously. It’s important to let the right people know you are raising funds and to surround yourself with a great support system. It’s important for investors and peers to know your drive and ambition, and to exude professionalism at all times. Most importantly, when an investor interviews you, they are not necessarily looking for reasons to invest but, rather, reasons not to. It’s important to rid your business plan of investor ‘red flags’.

What advice would you give to online upstarts looking to attract investors?
We built a strong board of advisors. It’s always attractive to investors to have experienced wisdom on your side. Know your business like the back of your hand and know your competition even better. It’s important to stay aware of the evolution of your business plan–it’s a progression, not a project. It’s something that should be restructured every time the SWOT analysis changes. I have approximately eight business plans depending on who I am pitching, and I tweak them according to who is interested in seeing it and why.

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  • Sharon E. Elliott, VP Human Resources-AREVA Inc.

    Congratulations Kimberly, I’m so proud of you!!! Best wishes for continued success! Love, Aunt Sharon

  • Erin Johnson

    You have really developed a unique response to the fashion merchandizing market. No doubt, your website will be a hit! All the best, Kimberly. I hope that other young entrepreneurs will take note of your drive and success. Erin Johnson, Athens, Georgia

  • Kenny Loyd

    Ms Stone your website accomplishes a lot. It is now on my favorites tab. I am able to learn a great deal about the various trends in fashion and marketing. We visiting your website one is able to easily ascertain a lot of information. it information you share compliments many of our business functions as it pertains to our customers.

    We look forward to staying close to your work with

    • Kimberly Stone

      Thank you. It’s been a year since this article was published. The Black Enterprise Network has really been a blessing!

  • Ms. Stone, outstanding website, you have done a terrific job presenting important information regarding the fashion merchandising market. I’m looking forward to following your creative approach via your site!

    Mark Wilson
    Ryla Inc.

  • Ms. Stone, I am very proud of the accomplishments you’ve achieved this past year. You are to be commended for a job well. done!! You are an example for other aspiring entrepreneurs to follow.

    Ralph E. Brown, CEO

    Trillion Communications Corp.

  • Deborah

    It is great to see young entrepreneurs. Kimberley’s plans are solid and her future is very promising. Keep up the good work.

    • Kimberly Stone

      Thank you Deborah. I appreciate the kind words.

  • We always talk about the importance of using social media as part of your marketing strategy. Ms. Stone (no relation), has certainly shown us the path of the future, it is up to us to follow it.

  • Emily Bagtas, Manager – Global Brand Management Office, PQC International

    I’ve been told to make a lasting impact on the user and build a successful business any entrepreneur should be adept in social media marketing. And you have proven just that! I enjoyed your tips on leveraging social media to build a brand. You have a very bright future ahead of you!!

  • Jordan- CEO Clout Management Group

    This is great to see young black entrepreneurs trailblazing in this field, Kimberly Stone is on to something huge and I’m excited to see what she has up her sleeve for the future Posh Glam. Great article and is on the fast track to the top!

  • Ms. Stone , I am the President of Atlanta Peach Movers in Atlanta,Georgia. I am very impressed with your website. It is nice to see how you’ve used social media to grow your brand. As a traditonal marketer , I have gained alot of knowledge from following you. Keep up the great work.

  • Toni Ball

    Kimberly, I have always said you’ve got what it takes to be successful. I am so very proud of you

  • Jeffrey Ball

    Kimberly, your website will truly take your business to the next level, the fashion industry has a new star, keep up the good work

  • This is just the beginning for you and your business. I am looking forward to seeing you in the BE 100 one day. Continued success and may God continue to bless you.

  • Ray Toomer

    As a corporate supplier diversity professional, I am truly inspired by what Kimberley Stone has accomplished. She has expertly identified a niche market for her service and has exhibited an entrepreneurial ‘can do’ spirit. I applaud her and other young black professionals – you make us proud!

  • Your article provides great insight into the benefits of a business investing in solcial media. Wishing you only the best of success in your business! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences…

  • Kimberley – What an excellent article in Black Enterprise! You have carved an excellent market niche for with a bright future, and endless possiblities in the fashion industry. Best wishes and continued success.

    Cheri Henderson, President Tennessee MSDC

  • Paula Roberts

    Ms. Stone, I love your website and have shared it with my Facebook friends. Continued success in all you do.

  • Ms. Stone, this is an excellent web site and article. You have presented branding with a fresh and unique perspective. I am confident that your innovative future will prove to be a bright and promising one!
    Bert Fitts, CEO, AdTech Services, Inc.

  • Christopher Riddley – CEO – Creative Ventures

    Ms. Stone, It’s been a pleasure to see how your website has matured over the past few years and taking fresh new approaches to building the POSHGLAM brand through both and traditional and social media marketing. Keep up the Great work on a terrific and informative website.

  • Ly Eldridge

    Congrats Kimberley! As a marketer, your tips are insightful and real-world. Your hip and professional site combines the use of tools and technology to make it dynamic for the reader! Great job and best wishes!

  • As a marketing professional, I found it awesome to see a young minority businesswoman leveraging social medial so wisely. Many others should be inspired by what Kimberly is doing and check out her site. I will certainly be spreading the word about this wonderful article.

  • Thanks for all of the kind words, support, and feedback. It’s truly an honor to be recognized by such a high caliber publication that has highlighted and supported so many successful African American businesses over the years. As a young business woman, it has made me grateful for those who have come before me and sacrificed for my success. As a social media entrepreneur, the article has given me an opportunity to share my insights into the industry. I hope those that emerge in the future can benefit from my knowledge, and learn vicariously through my positive experiences. POSHGLAM has opened so many doors for me. The luxury industry is changing and I look forward to its evolution toward a more inclusive market.  

  • Stacey Scott

    Great site Ms. Stone! It is great to see what you have done especially with the use of social media. I look forward to following your success!

    Stacey Scott
    Elgia, Inc.

  • J. Booker

    A wonderful and informative article. I am proud to see young professionals expand their horizons into the business world. You have truly shown the importance of social media marketing and business success. I am very proud of your innovative approach to business and wish you the best!!

  • Ms Stone,
    This is a great article! Your work represents and outstanding step in a bright future full of
    opportunity and challenges. Congratulations and best wishes !
    Rudy Christian, Chairman
    Trillion Communications Corporation

  • Eric Vinson

    Ms Stone,

    You are on to something big. There is an insatiable thirst for fashion and style, and social media is the wave of the future in leveraging the feedback and increasing connectivity. Keep up the good work on the cutting edge and I am sure it will pay off for you.

    Eric Vinson

    EVP AdTech

  • Kimberly, you’ve done an amazing job with PoshGlam, it’s definitely an inspiration for women entrepreneurs like myself! Keep styling!

  • Ms. Stone, your drive and passion for what you are doing comes out in this article as i am sure it would if i had met you in person. I am excited when i think of the possibilities that you and other young enterpreneurs are bringing to this country and how your innovation and creativity wil coninue to drive growth in the minority community. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

    Pat Hanes, Regional Director

    Minority Business Development Agency

  • Kimberly, Congrats to you on your website and article. I am always impressed by young strong women on the road to success and you are a true example of this. Again best wishes… I will work on my social media skills!
    R. Humphrey, President. MRM Resources

  • Portia Potts

    Congratulations, Ms. Stone!

    Your article and website should surely be an inspiration to young entrepreneurs.

    As a member of the older generation who has never used facebook, you have enlightned me on the important role that social media can play.

    Good luck and thank you.

    Portia Potts, East Point, GA

  • Dave Steward

    Congratulations, Ms. Stone! As fellow entrepreneur and owner of the largest African American owned company on the nation (World Wide Technology), it is refreshing and exciting to see you being a part of narrowing the digital divide. I have known your mother for many years and can imagine how proud she is of you! I was very impressed with your website — you have shown that social media marketing is the wave of the future! I am looking forward to my daughter, Kimberly, working with you to promote her new business, the KESS Agency. You not only share similar names, but she also is in the fashion and marketing industry and was recently was highlighted in the Aug. 5th issue of the New York Times (In Dad’s Footsteps – I encourage entrepreneurs in all industries to follow your advice on leveraging social media to promote their products. May God bless you with continued success!

  • Michael

    Poshglam is innovative and an exciting new venture…Hang in there Ms. Stone, stay focused and the business model will catch on. Retailers need new creative ways to reach out to customers!

    Best wishes!

  • WOW! A lady after my business heart. You have made a major step in a powerful direction. Using the power of social media to grow your business and drive your success is right on target. We are super fans of social media in our consulting firm to connect with our target clients on a natioanl and international basic. Kimberly, keep your F.O.C.U.S. (Follow One Course Until Successful) and you will soon see your life change as a business leader.
    May God Bless your every step.

  • Angela Williams

    Congratulations, Kimberly, I am extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. Your website is awesome and exciting!!! You are taking the fashion industry to another level. I know its just a matter of time before we see on billboards :-). Continue to keep up the good work. You are definitely destined for success!!! I am just glad I know you. Many blessings to you!!

  • Kimerberly,

    I always thought you would become “America’s Next Top Model” with a face as pretty as yours. I am very proud that you have decided to start a business in social media. I wish you much success, you have all the tools to make it happen.

  • Candace Creecy

    Ms. Stone, Much success as you leverage social media to build your brand,!

  • Stacy M

    AMAZING!!!!! Drive, Intelligence & Beauty!! You are an inspiration to so many. I can not wait to show this to more young women in a testament of what can be done when the passion, drive and talent is present.

    Congratulations & Much Success!!!

  • Congratulations Kimberly! I am so excited for you! embodies everything that you are – classy, chic, glamorous and destined for success. I truly believe that this is just the beginning of your very bright future! Best wishes always!

  • Ms. Stone
    – I am expressed with your article and you succes in growing your business with social media. Congratulations on a job well done! I believe you have an opportunity to expand your skills beyond fashion to many other indusry segments. GMSDC is hear to partner with you should you decide to take this step. The world awaits!

  • Ms. Stone
    – I am expressed with your article and your succes in growing your business with social media. Congratulations on a job well done! I believe you have an opportunity to expand your skills beyond fashion to many other indusry segments. GMSDC is hear to partner with you should you decide to take this step. The world awaits!

    • Ms. Key,I am delighted to hear that you would like to partner and I gladly welcome the gracious extension of this opportunity.  Please let me know what the next progressive step is. I can be reached at: you so much!~Kimberly

  • Yoli Day

    Congratulations for your terrific accomplishment. You are to be commended for being such an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs.. I look forward to hearing about your continued success in this endeavor. May God grant you all that is needed to accomplish ALL your goals!

  • Ms. Stone, what an awesome future you have before you! When I read your article and then viewed your website I could only think if we get behind this valuable asset we could produce the next FaceBook for business right in our back yard. I am willing to forward all or ebiz site development to partner with your efforts to promote collaboration and enterprise development. I have done numerous frequent articles with BE and this one stands out as one needing more attention and of great value. As the President of the Entrepreneur Development Network, Inc that has developed thousands of entrepreneurs globally, I warrant the support of such social media potential. See You At THe Top. Well Done BE!! Jerome

    • Wow! Hi praise from someone with a proven track record of developing top notch entrepreneurs! Thanks, Jerome, for encouraging Ms. Stone and other promising young business moguls. I hope that Ms. Stone and you get an opportunity to connect. Alfred

      • Thank you for the wonderful feature on  It has opened so many doors for me. I have been reading Black Enterprise for years with adoration for all of the hard working entrepreneurs and learning from their trials and successes. I have always hoped that one day I would be featured among the best. There are so many bloggers in my space, and it’s nice to be highlighted by the best business publication and embraced by your network of established entrepreneurs and industry veterans. Kimberly

    • Hi Jerome,

      Thank you so much for extending this opportunity to me, and emphasizing your support for BE and their feature on POSHGLAM. I would love to join the Entrepreneur Development Network and work to help materialize these ideas and initiatives. It means so much to be acknowledged by such an accomplished entrepreneur.  I can be reached at: I look forward to connecting. Kimberly

  • jennifer C. Capers

    Congratulations Kimberly, I am very proud of you. Your contribution to the fashion industry is intriguing and I wish you much success. Continue to stay focused.

  • WOW, I couldn’t have asked for a better support system in my own community. I welcome business alliances and thank everyone who has commented with immense gratitude. I am elated to know this article has made such an impact on those who have made such steady strides with their own businesses and hope to continue to learn from the accomplishments of my business elders as well. My experience with Black Enterprise has opened my eyes to the power of the internet as not only a tool for connecting like minded people, but has shown me the power of harnessing relationships within the minority business community. I have always celebrated entrepreneurship, especially in the Black community, and appreciate the thoughtful guidance from those that have already established their empires. Thank you so much for your love and support, I will continue to make you proud.

  • Angela Williams

    Great Job!!!

  • OOoooh! CUPCAKES for the Black Enterprise Interactive team! You really ARE a smart business person! (Not that they will influence our future editorial coverage in any way, of course. LOL) Thank you!

  • Marilyn Atkins

    Kimberly, let me add my kudos to you for hanging in there and looking success in the eyes. It takes strength and character to accomplish what you have and I wish you the best. I have personally run from social networking in the past but you have encouraged me to open that door and get moving. May God continue to bless you in all you do.

  • Ms. Stone,
    A dream is just a dream. Once our efforts are energized with knowledge, power and wisdom, it is then that a solid reality begins to develop. You have taken your concept, developed it into reality and now all of us can benefit from your talents. is more than a website. It is a vision from a Higher Power that will show the world a new and more exciting way to reach markets of all kinds.
    GREAT JOB! Always know that beginnings are “the point in time or space at which something starts”. The Best Is Yet To Come!
    Donald FarmerA2Z IMPRINTS,

  • Irving Mitchell

    Kimberley – Thank you for bringing such clarity to social media for us “over 50” skeptics. You certainly have the approach that maximizes the benefits and attracts credible investment. Best of luck in this and future ventures.

  • Thank you Ms. Stone! You are an inspiration!

    • Kimberly Stone

      Thank you. Your support means so much!

  • Great post, thanks so much for sharing. CONGRATS Kimberly & company, I know you’ve worked hard to develop this site. I’m taking notes and will definitely use your advice.