The Truth About Black Folks and Our Reputation in Business

Four reason some black businesses get a bad rap (and what entrepreneurs can do to fight it)

Unsafe: If your business is located in an area that doesn’t have the greatest reputation for safety you ought to band together with other business owners in the area and find out how much you collectively pay in city and state taxes. Start a business association (which you can easily do simply by naming the group) and appoint a spokesperson.  Send letters to the city council and state elected officials and let them know that you are financially powerful bloc because money talks.  Let them know you need more lighting in your area, potholes repaired, roads paved and painted, trash cans on corners, and whatever else you and the other business owners believe will visually demonstrate concern and safety.

Also, make your business an organized, clean and welcoming environment and encourage the other business owners to do the same. An old building or neighborhood can still be clean, well kept and safe.

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