What Does Diversity Mean for Employees?

Few companies have a clear definition of what diversity means

office of diversity and inclusion. The company defines diversity as the collective strength of experiences, skills, and cultures that each agent and employee brings to the company. “It’s about creating a dynamic work environment that engages our employees, who can in turn develop solutions that meet our customers’ needs,” says Laura Haas, assistant vice president of diversity, inclusion, and human resources.

State Farm gauges its success by conducting a companywide survey that includes a diversity and inclusion index, a measurement linked to employee perception. Barb McShane, manager of the office of diversity and inclusion, has noticed an upward trend in the index. Says Haas, “For us to compete, we have to think differently, behave differently, and have a diversity of thought.”

Originally published in the December 2008 issue.

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  • As i see it most companies have no clue, case in point the company i am with. A blind man can see the white employees here first of all do not know how to mingle socialize or even talk to /with black people, from what i see upon being hired many have never even been around black people. One can feel it, see it if you listen to them talk amongst them selves the proof is in the pudding. On the day of the election it was so quiet as well as after the election as i heard one say whats so good about the day the reason it is so easy to tell this about these white folks is they mostly listen to who RUSH LIMBAUGH OR anything NEO-CON one jewish lady who lives in Germantown, MD made comments about Obama that other companies i have worked at she would have been written up for her CHRONIC COMMENTS

  • Mike Skinner

    I think in many cases small minded companies feel that to have a diverse company lowers their standards. When in reality it broadens the scope and landscape of talent and ideas that can increase their inovation and market shares.

  • Darrell Mitchell

    It is amazing to me that now that things look a little shaky for all businesses, the topic of diversity is like a wild fire. This should have been the thought process at the turn of the 1900’s, when field hands and house workers were looked at raising others families and farm businesses. We have been doing all the work and they have been receiving all the credit. When I look at the creation of mankind I don’t remember any that about the color of the skin of a man, but I do remember the talk of the soul that a man posses. And we call this the land of the free and the home of the brave. The American dream was not brought forth with diversity in mind. It was for those who knew what they wanted in the first place and that’s success for my gender and my kinfolk.

  • I follow your posts for a long time and should tell you that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  • Manish Tiwari

    Every person or group has unique characteristics, abilities, beliefs, opinions, traditions, and appearances that can be different from others around them.Diversity means to me all types of religions, races, ethnicities, cultures, etc., living in harmony, free of any and all prejudices. Equality and diversity should go hand in hand.
    Diversity can refer to many variations of experiences, backgrounds, values, beliefs, etc. present within our communities and our world.
    The existence and, more importantly, the acceptance of differences or heterogeneity in class, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical capabilities, and other cultural, social and political backgrounds.
    A celebration of individuality.Dissimilarity and variety.A variety of people working together as a whole and not letting differences divide them.

    “Human diversity makes tolerance more than a virtue; it makes it a requirement for survival.”