Young Entrepreneurs Take Front Seat Navigating Road to Success

How they stay motivated, keep the gears moving

Divinity Chocolates


Alisha Wiggins used her experience in a family business to start her own, Divinity Chocolates, specializing in customized treats.

After working for her godmother’s chocolate business for five and a half years, Alisha Wiggins decided to branch out on her own to create Divinity Chocolates. The 17-year-old says it’s not easy running her own business, but it’s definitely worth it.

“I answer to myself. I have the authority to decide what I want to market,” Wiggins says.

Divinity Chocolates specializes in custom chocolate treats. Even with balancing high school and her business, Wiggins has managed to generate $1,000 in revenue since launching in February.

Recently, she’s slowed down from the actual day-to-day business to focus on school and building the Divinity Chocolates Website. “I’m also applying for my vendors license, and I’m working on getting my original recipes patented and my logo trademarked,” says the Cleveland native. She expects to generate $1,500 in revenue by the end of this year.

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