Young Entrepreneurs Take Front Seat Navigating Road to Success

How they stay motivated, keep the gears moving

Luxes Industries


Blaine Mickens is founder of Luxes Industries, a holding company for Estate Groomers, a landscaping business.

Blaine Mickens learned how to get his friends to part with their money at an early age. In 7th grade he set up shop at school selling candy. By the time Mickens graduated high school, his company, Sweet Tooth, became a candy distributor at three local schools.

But the now 19-year-old is setting his sights higher with the launch of Luxes Industries, a holding company for Estate Groomers, a landscaping business and Young Picasso Painting, a commercial and private real estate painting company.

“I’ve been leveraging my own personal brand and my own personality to keep the companies going,” says the Cleveland native.

Mickens started Estate Groomers in the summer of 2004 when he began landscaping to make extra money. Business thrived and the company grew. “I have roughly five part- time employees.” He later started Young Picasso Painting where he hires independent contractors for local paint jobs.

But the enterprising mogul refuses to rest on his laurels. He’s working on launching a Website called that will feature video interviews of a range of entrepreneurs. He’s also in the planning stages to launch Flawless Mobile Detail under his holding company. The car maintenance business will provide vehicle detailing services to clients at their homes.

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