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Amazon drone delivery

Amazon’s Drone Delivery Dreams Are Grounded

FAA bans commercial use, but recreational still allowed

Amazon's Prime Air service would deliver small packages to consumers via drone, hopefully while avoiding…

By Patrick Austin

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amazon fire phone

Amazon Announces Fire Phone

With unlimited photo storage, a face-tracking camera, and a service to buy anything you see, this could be the ultimate shopping phone

Amazon's Fire Phone can track your head and buy almost anything, but only works well…

By Patrick Austin

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Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Launches Prime Music

It doesn't have as many songs as Spotify, but the company is betting on popularity rather than quantity

Amazon's Prime Music service will be ad-free and bundled with your Amazon Prime subscription. (Image…

By Patrick Austin

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Did Amazon Just Tease A New Smartphone Device?

Believed to be a holographic 3D smartphone, Amazon is building anticipation for its next event.

In a cagey bit of Internet promotion, Amazon let loose a snippet clip to hype…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Top 4 Things To Expect From Amazon’s Smartphone

On June 18, Amazon could announce a phone with 3D as its defining feature

Amazon’s teaser trailer for its June 18 product announcement is more than likely its rumored…

By Patrick Austin

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Amazon CEO’s Net Worth Rises $1.4B Thanks To Smartphone Rumors

Amazon's June 18 announcement could put the company in direct competition with almost every smartphone manufacturer, including Apple

Sometimes rumors are good things. In the case of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, sometimes they’re…

By Patrick Austin

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HBO Content Is Now On Amazon Prime

Shows like The Sopranos and The Wire will be available on Amazon Prime, but if you're waiting for Game of Thrones, don't hold your breath

Shows like The Wire and The Sopranos will be available, as well as certain seasons…

By Patrick Austin

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The World’s Smartest Companies List Revealed

MIT Top 50 list of hottest innovators right now

Google is the world’s third smartest company according to a new list by MIT Technology…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Amazon Fire TV

Why This Company Will Pay You to Quit Your Job

Employees can receive up to $5,000 as an incentive to quit if they’re unhappy

Do you think more employers should do this?

By Patrick Austin

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Amazon Fire TV

How Amazon’s Fire TV Beats Roku, Apple and Google

Amazon's media takeover plan has gone from the tablet to the television with the Fire TV.

Which one of the three do you prefer?

By Patrick Austin

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Amazon Raises Prime Subscription to $99 Per Year

The $20 increase is the first since Prime's debut almost a decade ago.

Amazon’s Prime service has been expanding from two-day shipping into offering services like instant video…

By Patrick Austin

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Amazon’s TV Box Rumored to Arrive in March

The rumored 'Amazon Box' could threaten sales of both Apple TV and Roku's offerings

The box will likely be powered by Google’s Android OS

By Patrick Austin

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Amazon Acquires Social Reading Site Goodreads

Goodreads.com has 16 million members

Amazon buys Goodreads.com for undisclosed amount

By Makkada B. Selah

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Amazon Removes 'Keep Calm And Rape' T-Shirts;

Amazon Removes Pro-Rape T-Shirts From Site

Shirts featured variations on "Keep Calm & Carry on" slogan

Company says t-shirts were auto generated, but online apology wasn’t enough

By C. Daniel Baker

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Target “Price Matching” to Continue Throughout the Year

The bargain store attempts to lure customers away from its competitors

Will you be taking advantage of the big box retailer’s extension?

By Ashley R. Harris

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Amazon Is Reportedly Developing a Smartphone

With the success of the Kindle Fire, the electronic retailing company is venturing into new territory with its smartphone project

While the cards haven’t all been laid out on the table, word surfaced late yesterday…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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6 Things Your Small Business Can Learn from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

In the age of the platform, there is much entrepreneurs can learn from these innovative businesses

In the age of the platform, there is much entrepreneurs can learn from these innovative…

By Alan Hughes

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Amazon Reportedly Plans to Open Retail Store in Seattle

Amazon.com is looking to expand by opening a brick-and-mortar retail store, according to sources

Online retailer Amazon is planning to open a physical store located in the Seattle area…

By Sade K. Muhammad

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Blackout: Web Sites Go Dark to Protest SOPA

Brands and businesses stand up to the Stop Online Piracy Act

Today, social media is abuzz with the #BlackoutSOPA campaigns of people, big brands and web…

By Elayne Fluker

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All [a Tech Guy] Wants For Christmas is…

Tech expert Hajj Flemings lets you scan his Christmas wish list for inspiration

What do you get the techie who has everything for the holidays? Here are some…

By Hajj Flemings

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