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Cozette M. White Creates Chore System That Teaches Kids About Money and Wealth

Cozette M. White is on an unapologetic mission to transform lives and bank accounts.

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What to Do if You’ve Ever Been Denied a Bank Account

Not to worry, you still have options

Ever been denied a bank account or had a check declined? If so, here’s why…

By Jennifer Streaks

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Ignorance Linked to Lack of Bank Accounts Among Blacks

Rate of Americans with no bank accounts is startling

Rate of Americans with no bank accounts is startling

By Sakina P. Spruell

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Help! I Can’t Open a Checking Account!

3 ways to get your check-writing privileges restored

If you’ve been reported to a consumer checking history database such as ChexSystems, you won’t…

By Sheiresa Ngo

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How To


How to Position Yourself As an Industry Authority

To build your authority, you’ll need a continuous message that tells the world who you…

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‘I See You’: The Power and Beauty of Building Multiple Tribes of Professional Women

Women that make the time to find their tribes of professional sisters have a competitive…

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