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Closing of DC Nightspot Raises Questions of Police Policy.

A popular Hip-Hop bar in Washington D.C. is possibly closing after a shooting.

Have you ever been to this buzzing D.C. night spot?

By C. Daniel Baker

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Fifty-five years ago, a New York businessman named Walter O'Malley moved his baseball team across the country. The Brooklyn Dodgers left Flatbush's Ebbets Field for a shiny new stadium in a valley originally meant for public housing. Yes, the Dodgers broke the hearts of a generation of fans when they left (including Borough President Marty Markowitz). But on Friday, September 28, the favorite son of the Marcy Projects will take a stage to celebrate, amongst other things, the return of major professional sports to Brooklyn. Here are five of the best bars in the area to say cheers to a new beginning. --Darren Sands

5 Places to Grab a Drink Near the Barclays Center

The Barclays Center is here, and here's where you need to drink in the new neighborhood.

The Barclays Center is here, and here’s where you need to drink in the new…

By Darren Sands

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