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Trayvon Martin’s Brother Celebrates Graduating From College

Jahvaris Fulton, 22, earned his BS in Information Technology

The tragic events that have been rooted in judgment and ignorance have claimed the lives…

By Kevin L. Clark

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[WATCH] Black Lives Matter: Millennial Leader Takes Dynamic Stand with ‘Dear America’

Princeton student Alex Ford urges youth to unify in working toward changing America

Princeton student, Alex Ford, discusses race, justice, police brutality and the concept of American equality…

By Courtney Connley

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John Legend Hires Food Trucks For New York Protesters

Backed by his wife, the two help feed protesters in NYC

Ohio native and Grammy award singer, John Legend, along with his wife, hired food trucks…

By Kevin L. Clark

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UC Berkeley Black Student Union Holds 4.5 Hour Campus Sit-In

Student leaders shut down campus cafe as they rally for justice

Student leaders from UC Berkeley’s Black Student Union hold a 4.5 hour campus sit-in in…

By Courtney Connley

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Black Lives Matter: A Tribute to Black Men Killed By Police

We must stand up and protect ourselves

Michael Brown is the latest name added to a list of victims whose lives were…

By Kevin L. Clark

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10 Most Heartbreaking #IfIWasGunnedDown Tweets You Should See

Events in Ferguson, Missouri have spawned outrage and trending topic

Things are already becoming a lot worse for people in Ferguson, Missouri, before anything has…

By Kevin L. Clark

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