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The Charter School Debate Continues in Wake of American Federation of Teachers President Controversy

I wrote a short piece in the January/February issue of Black Enterprise, the deck of…

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John King

On the Record with John King, President Obama’s Education Secretary

As the Obama presidency draws to a close, King looks back

The other day I spoke with U.S. Education Secretary John King for a final interview.…

By Robin White Goode

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Educated Black Lives Also Matter-All Good Schools Help Our Kids

We should endeavor to provide as many diverse options as possible to meet the diverse needs of today's student

In the debate over whether there should be a moratorium on charter schools, we must…

By Kevin Chavous

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School suspensions

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Reduces School Suspensions

Empathy helps forge strong student-teacher relationships

According to a study led by Stanford social psychology researcher Jason A. Okonofua, respect and…

By Robin White Goode

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Economic Facts Affecting Your Child’s Education | Fact 14

Charter schools can be effective – or not

Bottom line: Charter schools are not a panacea. The best charter school networks, like KIPP,…

By Robin White Goode

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Economic Facts Affecting Your Child’s Education | Fact 13

Smaller, better school environments are most effective

There is strong evidence that a variety of high school‑age interventions, most of them targeting…

By Robin White Goode

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14 Economic Facts Impacting Our Kids’ Education

More schooling equals greater economic security

The Hamilton Project has released 14 economic facts about education in America, including student poverty,…


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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Launches “Dream Come True” Charter School in Harlem

Combs describes the opportunity as "a dream come true."

According to recent sources, rap and hip-hop mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is set to launch…

By Cristie Leondis

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Charter Schools Mete Out Discipline Unfairly, Evidence Shows

Target students of color or the disabled

According to an analysis by the Center for Civil Rights Remedies at the University of…


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Charter Schools Ask Their Graduates, How’d We Do?

Is there too much hand holding? Are the rules overblown?

Achievement First, a network of charter schools, is asking its graduates for honest feedback so…

By Robin White Goode

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KIPP in New Orleans: Beating the Odds

Charter high school supports students to and through college

A KIPP charter high school in New Orleans thrives 10 years after Katrina. The school…

By Robin White Goode

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Will New Orleans Become Known for Academic Excellence?

Charter schools improving student scores, graduation rates

New Orleans uses charter schools to reach for academic excellence. Students improve across the board…

By Robin White Goode

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Chicago Charter School Reportedly Discouraging Students From Applying to HBCUs

One Chicago Bulls College Prep parent says the school gave her son a hard time when trying to apply

Mother of Chicago Bulls College Prep student opens up about her son being discouraged from…

By Courtney Connley

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Education Department Investigating Racial Complaints in Three School Districts

Local school systems in Chicago, Newark and New Orleans under federal investigation

The Education Department has agreed to investigate civil rights complaints in three major school districts

By Courtney Connley

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Chicago Principal Tells How She Got 100 Percent of Her Graduates into College

Dr. Garland Thomas-McDavid teaches students to treat their education like a job

Dr. Garland Thomas-McDavid, of Johnson College Prep in Chicago, talks how she got 100 percent…

By Courtney Connley

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OPINION: Why Charter Schools Are Only Part of the Answer

NewsOne featured blogger says lottery, other challenges hinder many students from benefits

NewsOne blogger details why charter schools are only part of a larger solution to education…


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How To

Equifax hack

After 143 Million Left Vulnerable by Equifax Hack, Here’s What You Can Do

The Equifax hack could be the largest data theft involving Social Security numbers, which is…

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JavaScript Developer

How She Became a Full Stack JavaScript Developer In 5 Intensive Months

My biggest lesson learned was overcoming limitations I had put on myself regarding what I…

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