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Kickstarter Reveals Which Day People Are Most Likely to Support Your Campaign

Kickstarting your project on certain days may maximize pledges

Kickstarter, the platform creators use to seek financial backing for their projects, released breakdown data…

By Essence Gant

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Kickstarter Reaches $1 Billion in Pledges

$619 million of Kickstarter's billion-dollar milestone came from returning donors

More than half of the $1 billion was raised since March of last year

By Patrick Austin

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Wal-Mart Hints at Crowdsourcing Package Delivery

Program is still in the brain-storming stage, says CEO

Wal-Mart executives are considering using its millions of shoppers as a delivery service

By C. Daniel Baker

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4 Funding Resources for Professional Artists

How to finance your professional passion for your next masterpiece

Here are top resources to ensure you won’t be a starving artist as you follow…

By Sirita Wright

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Businessman Standing in front of a crowd

7 Crowdsourcing Resources to Boost Your Businesses

Increase your productivity and staff with these tools that expand your network

With crowdsourcing businesses are able to use their social media network to locate and utilize…

By Hajj Flemings

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