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Cool Jobs: Gianni Lee Emboldens ‘New Philly’ and Champions AFROPUNK

The genius behind Babylon Cartel shares his origin

Philadelphia’s own Gianni Lee, named after the fashion legend, chats with Black Enterprise about his…

By Kevin L. Clark

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Investments in Customer Experience Expected to Surge in 2014

The Importance of a Corporate Culture in Your Business

Harvard ethicist outlines how to resolve cultural issues that can affect your business

Sometimes issues can arise that stem from different outlooks and upbringings

By Alan Hughes

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7 Ways to Avoid a Culture Clash When Conducting Global Business

Here’s how best to avoid an international incident when taking your small biz global

For good or bad, globalization is here to stay.

By Alan Hughes

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Museum Offers Historic Walk Through Black Culture

Expansion and increased artifact attainment planned for Louisiana facility

If you’re planning a trip to Louisiana this year, there’s a special gem that you…

By Bridget McCrea

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The Past Is Prologue

Charles Palmer uses synthetic interview technology to make knowledge come alive

How would you like to chat with Benjamin Franklin? Think it’s impossible? Not so, says…

By Dale Coachman

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Heading Back to the Big Easy

Glenda McKinley says New Orleans still has a lot to offer visitors and business professionals

It’s the mosaic of cultures, cuisines, neighborhoods, and architecture that makes New Orleans a jewel…

By Denise A. Campbell Laidler

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