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Outstanding Chicago Apprenticeship Program Changes Lives

The experience has been life-changing. Richardson and the other apprentices—almost all of whom are Hispanic…

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What the Labor Department’s New Ruling Means for Your Retirement

Advisors would have to put your interests first

Banks and financial institutions across the country are on tinder hooks as they await the…

By Denise Campbell Laidler

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Department of Labor Cracks Down on Tips at Small Town Restaurant

Tip pooling illegal among all employees

An Ohio based worker owned restaurant, Casa Nueva, has issued a new policy of no…

By Sasha King

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January Jobs Report Brings Unexpectedly Good News

The black unemployment rate slid to its lowest since 2009

The January jobs report has Democrats celebrating. The national unemployment rate dropped for the fifth…

By Joyce Jones

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Unemployment Drops, 200,000 New Jobs Added to Economy

The nation’s unemployment rate dropped to a near three-year low of 8.5 % last month

A forceful 200,000 new jobs were added to the economy in December, the U.S. Department…

By Sade K. Muhammad

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Not Heading Straight to College? See 6 Alternative Options for Recent High School Grads

A four-year college isn’t the next step for every high school grad. Here, six non-traditional options

A four-year college isn’t the next step for every high school graduate. Check out these…

By Janel Martinez

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Unemployment Rate for Blacks Inched Lower in June

Payrolls drop by 125,000, reflecting loss of jobs for Census workers

The unemployment rate for African Americans inched slightly lower to 15.4% in June from 15.5%…

By Deborah Creighton Skinner

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Washington Report: Updates From the Capitol

African American jobless rate contracts slightly; White House AIDS summit

The nation’s unemployment rate, fell to 9.7% in May from 9.9% in April, due in…

By Joyce Jones

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Florida Unemployment Numbers Increase In December

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — More people were jobless in Florida last month than live in…

By Associated Press

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National Outsourcing Firm to Offer Free Job Advice

Hot lines help job seekers

To help job seekers improve their odds of success in this highly competitive employment market,…

By Deborah Creighton Skinner

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Workforce Cast Offs Can Find Resources in the Social Net

Former CBS talk show host launches site to help laid-off cope with others

Everyday the employment news is getting bleaker as companies announce massive layoffs. The numbers…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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How To

Password Protect Your Flash Drive In Two Simple Steps

Flash drives, thumb drives, USB sticks: whatever you want to call them, they’re more than…

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Black Female Voice Actor on How to Break into the Lucrative Voice-Over Business

“The secret society [of the voice-over business] is due in part because it’s a career…

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