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This past weekend Disney and Marvel Studios joined forces to release The Avengers, an all-star fan boy film based off the popular comic book series. While critics expected the film to do well, at the end of film’s opening weekend it not only secured the No. 1 spot but also broke domestic box office records, pulling in $200.3 million over the course of three days. The Avengers’ ticket sales eclipsed the previous record-holder, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which opened with $169.2 million in summer 2011. The film’s success is not limited to US shores, as it opened internationally two weeks ago to the tune of $441.5 million across 52 global markets. As it stands at press time, The Avengers has grossed well over $642.8 million globally. BlackEnterprise.com takes a look at the “marvelous” success of the prequel films that led up to this record-breaking showing.  —Anslem Samuel Rocque

The Avengers Decoded: The Makings of a Marvelous Movie Franchise

After a record breaking open weekend for The Avengers, the films that built up the new franchise get their ticket sales dissected

The Avengers breaks box office records with its opening weekend haul of over $200 million,…

By Anslem Samuel

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