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student loan debt

Congress Cuts $303 Million From Federal Financial Aid Program

Government to cut budgets from financial aid program that benefits low-income students

Congress to cut millions of dollars from the federal Pell Grant program which benefits many…

By Courtney Connley

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Michael Brown (Image: Facebook)

Justice Department: Michael Brown’s Death a Homicide

Federal report marks the third autopsy done in the case

Newly released findings from a Justice Department autopsy rules Michael Brown’s death to still be…

By Courtney Connley

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Image: File

Louisiana Governor Sues Obama Administration Over Common Core Standards

Legislator says administration violating the Constitution's 10th Amendment

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal proves his strong opposition to Common Core State Standards with a…

By Courtney Connley

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small business awards

SBA to Update Small Business Size Limits for Nearly 500 Industries

Thousands of large companies to become small businesses in July

The Small Business Administration has announced plans to expand the size standards for companies eligible…

By Courtney Connley

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Government sets aside $5 Billion U.S. award for Small Businesses

Government Sets Aside $5 Billion Award for Small Businesses

Contract goes to 3 small business with 150 workers or less

Dell and Hewlett-Packard will need to work with small businesses to tap a $5 billion…

By C. Daniel Baker

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New Opportunities in Finance

Recovery means Americans must rebuild and need financial advice to do so

Drew white first knew he wanted to go into the world of finance when he…

By Tamara E. Holmes

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