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Che Brown and Trevor Otts (Image: File)

’72 Hours Of Power’: Business Reloaded At The Speed Of Results

Business leaders Trevor Otts and Che Brown detail premise and success of entrepreneurs' event

Business leaders Trevor Otts and Che Brown detail premise and success of entrepreneurs event ’72…

By Roz A Gee

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Yo app

Yo, This ‘Yo’ App Just Got $1 Million In Funding

You've got SnapChat for video, WhatsApp for texting, and now Yo for ... saying, "Yo."

Yo does one thing and one thing only. Say “Yo.” But it’s tearing up the…

By Patrick Austin

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If banks turn down your request for financing, consider a factor

Are You Really Ready for Outside Investment?

Ask yourself these 7 questions before looking to raise capital

“The first thing is asking yourself, ‘Are you really, really ready to raise money?’”

By Alan Hughes

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How Do You Get Started on your Business Continuity Plan?

Can Your Retirement Fund Your Next Business?

Retirement accounts can fund your next business, but beware of tax penalties

Can you use the money in your retirement account as capital for your business without…

By C. Daniel Baker

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House Rule 506 and Crowdfunding

How to Follow Rule 506 When Crowdfunding Your Small Business

How a change in government regulation affects crowdfunding

When President Obama signed the JOBS Act, new laws affecting the ability to raise money…

By Ricardo Bernard

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5 THings to Avoid When Funding Your Startup

Funding for New Startups Declines for First Time in 3 Years

Funding given to new companies was down 24%

VCs invested $26.5 billion in just under 3,700 deals last year, a 10% decline

By C. Daniel Baker

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Image: File

4 Funding Resources for Professional Artists

How to finance your professional passion for your next masterpiece

Here are top resources to ensure you won’t be a starving artist as you follow…

By Sirita Wright

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6 Ways to Get a Bank Loan for Your Business

If you think like a banker, you could get the finance you need for your business

Six tips for entrepreneurs to get bank loans for your business

By Alan Hughes

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Lester is leading the charge in today’s African American giving-circle movement.

Nonprofit Insider: How to Start a Giving Circle

Information and resources for starting and growing your nonprofit

A giving circle is a philanthropic vehicle in which individual donors pool their money and…

By Tracey Webb

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Giving New Thought to Funding

Philanthropic executive discusses Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

With the U.S. in the thro es of a national recession, demands for social services have…

By Marcia A. Reed-Woodard

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The Road (That Shouldn’t Be) Less Traveled

DOT offers small businesses a bridge to success

Three ways to heighten your chances at nailing a piece of the Recovery Act funds…

By Simone Richards

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HBCU Financial Forecast: Part I

Advocates make argument for more federal funding

The country’s economic quagmire has reached far beyond Wall Street to the hallowed halls of…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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