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It took a trip to Nigeria for Jason Njoku to begin to see success, starting IROKO Partners, the premier source of Nigerian entertainment --- from movies to music. In just two years, the company has become the world’s largest distributor of Nigerian music and movies.

Njoku knows a thing or two about overcoming, having switched gears from a career in science (He holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Manchester) to the world of Web by way of several early failures. (He ran a student magazine which folded; a financial blog franchise which faltered; and a t-shirt company that eventually didn't work out.) "My early failures could have--- maybe should have knocked my spirit. But I was determined not to let failure get in the way of raw ambition. I love what I do," Njoku says.

Today, IROKO has reached more than 560,000 registered users in less than seven months and has viewers in 178 different countries. Take a cue from Njoku with these tips for business success in Africa. --- Octavia Goredema

Expanding in Africa: Small Business Tips for Success

IROKO Partners CEO Jason Njoku gives advice on global expansion

Jason Njoku, founder and CEO of IROKO Partners, offers three tips for business success in…

By Octavia Goredema

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