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James Andrews, Founder and CEO of Social People

Maximizing the Search

In the world of social recruiting, you have to know not only how to share…

By Denise Campbell Laidler

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When I interviewed Renetta McCann in 2003 as Black Enterprise’s Corporate Executive of the Year, the now former CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group in Chicago was, at the time, the only Black woman to hold the chief executive seat at a major firm. When asked about influences in her career, one seemed strikingly odd--it was Don Corleone, the central character in the classic book and movie The Godfather. McCann said following his guidelines were instrumental in her climb to the top. Here are her five takeaways from the infamously celebrated mob boss that women can use in the workplace.

5 Ways to Keep It (Professionally) Gangsta at Work

Five professional lessons women can learn from The Godfather's mob boss Don Corleone

Five professional lessons women can learn from The Godfather’s mob boss Don Corleone

By Sonia Alleyne

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