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Banks Give Customers Fee Reprieve in Sandy Aftermath

For a short time customers will avoid banking fees

Customers finally get a break from hurricane storm

By Ashley R. Harris

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Your partner has more than one, two, three, four…bank accounts: ATM’s are a source of major convenience, but they can also be a telltale sign of financial ineptitude if your date is frequently using them to transfer money between accounts.  According to love expert, Guy Lockard a person who can’t oversee his or her expenses from one account may be irresponsible, undisciplined or downright corrupt. “Someone who is posturing their money may not have it all together and are trying to hide or repurpose their money,” he says. “They may do it to control excessive spending habits.”  Of course, the worst-case scenario is if the funds they are transferring don’t even belong to them.  “They may even have access to someone else’s account or their job expense account and you don’t want to get caught up in that,” he adds.

Experts Say Credit Card Hack May Reoccur

Credit cards hacked, Chase charges customers twice...what's next?

Recent financial snafus like J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. accidentally charging customers twice and Global…

By Sade K. Muhammad

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David Banner’s Thoughts On the #OccupyWallStreet Movement

The politically active entertainer speaks from the heart on behalf of the 99%

As the two-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement arrives, rapper/actor David Banner shares…

By David Banner

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Martin Luther King Jr. statue sparks controversy (Image: File)

In the News: MLK Statue Sparks Controversy; JPMorgan Chase Invests in Johnson Publishing

Headlines around the web

See what’s going on in the world with today’s compilation of news around the web

By Janel Martinez

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New York Knicks Slam Dunk Contest Trophy

Decoded: The Economics of a Winning Knicks Team

How the Knicks making the playoffs gives New York City businesses a boost

How the Knicks making the playoffs gives New York City businesses a boost

By Christina Tapper

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Yup, There’s An App for That: You Can Bank On It

Free mobile applications bring banking to your fingertips

Leading financial institutions are making banking easier with applications that customize account alerts, locate the…

By Janel Martinez

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Building Alliances on the Job

A finance executive explains how the only way to advance your career is with a well-cultivated network

Strong alliances can be career differentiators for strong performers. A strong performer without the alliances…

By Dale Coachman

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Fed Cuts Good for Banks but Not Seniors

Last weeks moves may offer little relief to the average consumer

Last week investors bore witness to JP Morgan Chase & Co.’s shocking and historic $2…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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The Weekly Market Preview — 1/14/08

The Fall of the Titans

The moment of truth has arrived. Most of us in the investment community are looking…

By William E. Thompson

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