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Kendrick Lamar Sued Over ‘Section.80′ Copyright Infringement

Will a HiiiPower intervene on Kendrick Lamar's behalf?

Kendrick Lamar is facing his first bout of legal troubles, as he is being sued…

By Kevin L. Clark

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Good Kid, Smart Money: Kendrick Lamar Buys Reasonable $523,500 California Home

Compton rapper spends his money wisely with latest purchase

Kendick Lamar proves that he knows the value of a dollar and smart investment with…

By Courtney Connley

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Kendrick Lamar Asks for Darker-Skinned Female Lead for Video

Lamar says the industry needs "more balance" in terms of skin tones

Rapper Kendrick Lamar fights colorism in the music industry

By Makkada B. Selah

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5 Money Lessons from Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Money Trees’

From the acclaimed album, lessons on money

What can ‘Money Trees’ teach us about money?

By Darren Sands

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