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White iPhone 6 Plus

10 Ways To Protect Your Mobile Payments

Follow these steps to protect yourself financially

With the announcement by Apple Inc., millions of Americans can now begin using a new…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Amazon Launches Mobile Payment Service

Retailer enters mobile payment market

Early birds get a discount.

By Sheiresa Ngo

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Square Card

Square Introduces New Services After a Losing Year

Square posted a loss last year, but that hasn't stopped the company from releasing a trio of tools useful for small businesses

Square is making it easier for businesses to keep track of their inventory, facilitate transactions…

By Patrick Austin

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mobile payments

How To: Making and Receiving Electronic Payments for Your Business

Webinar will teach the basics of using electronic payments and remittance

With electronic & mobile payments becoming increasingly popular, it’s time to consider whether they’re a…

By C. Daniel Baker

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