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Prince will release 2 albums with Warner Brothers this year

Prince Understood the Value of Technology for Music Early On

The genius of Prince extended to his savvy about technology

“What may not occur to many is his innovative use of recording and production techniques…”

By Samara Lynn

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Tech CEOs Team Up to Create New Web-Tracking Technology

Data intelligence platform makes paying artists for streaming content easier

Pharrell earned less than $3,000 from the 43 million digital streams of his chart-topping hit…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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(Part 1) New Platform Finds and Markets Entertainers Without Sacrificing Artistic Freedom

CEO Corey Stanford introduces Para Music Group, a technology platform used to discover talent and engage fans

“Imagine an up-and-coming artist with a small local following becoming a worldwide phenomenon in a…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Have Music, Will Travel

With one foot in music and the other in technology, Dennis Jeter makes software that jives

Jeter, a musician who holds a degree in classical trumpet, started programming computers when he…

By Darcel J. Church

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Do Clouds Mean Anything for Black Music?

How this technology revolutionized the business

How this technology revolutionized the business

By BlackEnterprise.com

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They’ve Got the Beat

Nashville�s Beat Kangz delivers cutting-edge technology to the electronic music industry

When it comes to innovation and creativity, hip-hop has had its share of converts and…

By Sonya Donaldson

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