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KornFerry, 2010

Women of Power: Author and Business Consultant Audra Bohannon Talks Work-Life Balance

Leading executive details tips to boost your career

Audra Bohannon, a Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit alumna and leading business consultant, talks…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Color Code: What Do the Hues You Wear to Work Say About You?

Survey: Recruiters favor black and blue as exuding leadership and confidence

New survey of recruiters and HR professionals reveals the importance of attire and colors in…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Power OOTD: Working African Prints

A perfect starting point to add fun flair to your look

African prints are the perfect way to add flair and incorporate a hot fall trend…

By Shea Zephir

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Power OOTD: A Touch of Class in Thigh-High Boots

This trend can be pulled off at work without being risque

These high-high boots are not for street-walkers, but for power women who push the fashion…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Singer Mary J. Blige is seen in a peplum shift dress, perfect for the office with a cardigan or blazer. (Image: File)

Power OOTD: Workin’ That Peplum

Popular trend can be both slimming and chic

Peplum has been quite the trendy fashion statement for several years. Here’s how to rock…

By Shea Zephir

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Style Suite: A Black and White Matter

Contrasting color-blocking makes a sharp and chic statement

Seen on numerous runways, two basic colors come together for a contrast that’s more sharp…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Wrapped in Savvy Chic with the Dress of the Season

Turn to a flattering look in hot prints and colors as a convenient staple

Reach for a wrap dress, a little all-purpose number that will serve your needs for…

By Kéla Walker

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These items, from the Target and Neiman Marcus collaboration with the world's top designers, will ensure you keep a bit of luxe in your closet---at an affordable price.
---Kéla Walker

Style Suite: Affordable Luxe Items Perfect for the Office

The Target + Neiman Marcus collab offers fine classics for cheap chic

These items, from the Target and Neiman Marcus designer collaboration, are must-haves for a polished…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Incorporate Affordable Luxe into Your Power Looks

Target's latest designer collab makes high-end style that much more accessible

With Target’s latest designer collab, including items from Tracy Reese, you can be chic and…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: You’ve Got Office Fab in the Bag

Carry your essentials in functional fashion

From makeup to smartphones to practically the kitchen sink, carry all your necessities in style…

By Kéla Walker

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Stock your closet with a wide range of this season's must-have staple: tights. From dresses and skirts to off-duty shorts, you can pair them with everything to combat that cold-day chill. ---Kéla Walker

Style Suite: 5 Top Legwear Picks for the Office

You can be warm and stylish in these glam tights

Be warm and stylish in these glam tights, perfect for the office.

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Keeping it ‘Tight’ in Chic Winter Legwear

From solid hues to prints, don't be afraid to push the envelope

Don’t let old man winter keep you from donning chic skirts and dresses. Just step…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Jumpsuits Aren’t Just For Play

Add these power pieces to make a polished yet chic statement in the office

From slim-fit and sleeveless to long and loose, it’s one of the most versatile pieces…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: 1 Hot Dress, 3 Chic Office-Friendly Looks

Optimize your closet for maximum wear of what you already have

Before shopping for new things, here’s how you can optimize your closet to get maximum…

By Kéla Walker

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Add these key vest styles to your work wardrobe to add dept, layers or simply make a chic statement. ---Kéla Walker

Style Suite: 5 Best Vest Styles for the Office

These chic pieces add layering, dept and punch to your look

Add these key vest styles to your work wardrobe to add dept, layers or simply…

By Kéla Walker

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Don't be afraid to incorporate fur---whether real or faux--- in your power look. Here are some key pieces to add that warm chic to your closet. ---Kéla Walker

(Image: SdotMusa)

Style Suite: 5 Warm and Chic Fur Pieces for the Office

Get comfy in these pieces in and out of the workplace

Add these chic, warm pieces to your power look for supreme office glam.

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Rock That Office-Friendly Fur

Whether faux or real, don't shy away from this hot trend

Here’s how you can wear fur to work, professionally chic and warm at the same…

By Kéla Walker

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michelle obama

Style Suite: Vote in Style with Michelle Obama-Inspired Work Wear

Embody the FLOTUS flair with these key fashion elements

For Election Day, keep in mind these five stellar elements of Michelle Obama’s style campaign…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Step Up Your Casual Friday Looks

Incorporate nontraditional pieces into your look for a polished, leisure vibe

Incorporate pieces traditionally known as casual into a polished office look.

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Don’t Let Rain Steal Your (Fashion) Shine

Even in bad weather, you can step out refreshed and refined

Kéla Walker gives quick tips for chic office fashion even in wet, dreary weather.

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: 5 Fall Fashion Staples Perfect for the Office

These key trends can be incorporated into any look for timeless polish

These key fall fashion must-haves will stand the test of time and can be incorporated…

By Kéla Walker

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Don't be afraid to push the boundaries, especially for Casual Fridays. Check out these chic trousers that can turn up your style in the office. --- Kéla Walker
(Find out how to style these pieces here.)

Style Suite: 5 Printed Trousers to Wow at the Office

Add these hot pant picks to your work wardrobe for style flair

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries, especially for Casual Fridays, with trousers that can…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: 5 Key Pieces to Channel ‘Scandal’ Chic

Add these items to your closet for the authoritative power look

Be inspired by Kerry Washington’s fiercely stylish ‘Scandal’ character and create the perfect professional look…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Channel ‘Scandal’s’ Olivia Pope for Undeniable Office Chic

Be inspired by power looks that get you respect you deserve

Get your power look on and be inspired by Kerry Washington’s chic authoritative style on…

By Kéla Walker

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Red is a power color perfect to wear in the office. Everyone, from Hollywood starlets to First Lady Michelle Obama, has sported a little red dress from time to time, so let go of those age-old notions related to the hue and wear it with confidence! Here are a few pieces to help you do that: ---Kéla Walker

Style Suite: 5 Little (Red) Dresses for the Office Under $50

Go bold and confident in your next power meeting

Try these crimson hot picks for a bold and confidence look in the workplace.

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Go Red and Wear the Color of Confidence at Work

Make a bold, yet polished statement with crimson

Crimson is not only a color of confidence, but it can be worn in the…

By Kéla Walker

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Give your work wardrobe that extra fab factor with peplum pieces that go from day to night. Check out five key items that feature the trend to incorporate in your office looks.---Kéla Walker

(You can find out more on how to style these looks for work here.)

Style Suite: 5 Key Peplum Pieces to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

These hot items can pump up the fab factor in your wardrobe

Try these picks, worn alone or with a blazer, skirt or pants to punch up…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Peplum Accents Give Your Work Wardrobe Life

Flattering to any figure, it's a must-have for your power look

Add a little peplum to your step with these looks, perfect for the office, whether…

By Kéla Walker

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Whether blazers, shoes or simple accessories like scarves, every working diva can add a bit more pow to her power look. Try these key pieces to give your fall wardrobe a boost. ---Kéla Walker 

(You can find out more on how to style these looks for work here.)

Style Suite: 5 Animal-Print Pieces to Add Flair to Your Power Look

Add some spice to your fall wardrobe with leopard and snakeskin

Add these picks to your wardrobe to make a bold yet polished statement in the…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Animal Prints Add Wow Factor to Your Power Look

Spice up your fall work wardrobe with leopard and snakeskin

Add these picks to your wardrobe to make a bold yet polished statement in the…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Affordable Chic From Summer to Fall

Shop your closet and incorporate season trends without breaking the bank

In Style Suite with Kela Walker, explore how to affordably infuse fall fashion trends with…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: 5 Key Pieces to Take Summer Looks into Fall

You don't have buy a whole new wardrobe to be ready for fall. Add these…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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This week, we start our 7 Deadly Sins series, where we cover top mistakes, blunders and snafus of the office, from fashion to communication to management. Follow our series to ensure you don't make the same mistakes, and find ways to correct yourself if you have.

Office ethics and fashion choices can be tricky topics on their own. Put them together and it can easily create a major problem. Dressing for the office doesn’t have to be all work and no play. The key is finding that balance, and making sure that you’re sending the  right message. “Overall, one should really be concerned with how they  present themselves and how they represent the brand, meaning whoever you  work for,” says Shawn Outler, a Macy’s vice president.

BlackEnterprise.com spoke further with Outler to get insight on the top office attire vices and how not to commit professional style offenses. ---Dominique Hobdy

7 Deadly Sins of Office Fashion

Avoid these vices when it comes to your workplace look

Shawn Outler, a vice president at Macy’s, talks top office fashion vices and how to…

By Dominique Hobdy

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As the weather heats up, you can inject some fun into your 9-to-5 wardrobe by incorporating a few Spring/Summer 2012 trends. Add a little spark to even the most conservative Corporate America looks by adding these five summer trends to your office attire. ---Ashley Calloway

5 Summer Fashion Trends Perfect for the Office

Incorporate these pieces to add pop to your professional style

Here are top trends you can incorporate into your professional look, from neon to floral.


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Campaign Trail Style: First Lady Michelle Obama’s Top Fashion Moments

Take a page from her book of chic to achieve your own power looks

Take a look at Michelle Obama’s best style moments while campaigning for President Barack Obama.…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Earl G. Graves Sr., Chairman & Publisher, Black Enterprise

Let’s Stop the Race to the Bottom

Appearance is still the first and most impactful way that you communicate who you are and determine how you are treated.

Despite the established acceptance of casual attire at many companies, there has never been a…

By Earl G. Graves, Sr.

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For many women, a power look doesn't just end with the right outfit or shoe. It's a head-to-toe story of branding that tells who they are, what they do and how well they do it.

Putting that best face forward is important, whether they're closing deals, working with clients, traveling the world or starting that next venture. In today's image-conscious business world, make-up is no longer just for movie stars and glamour girls, as many working women recognize the importance of presence, accentuating their best features and embracing the power of femininity.

Frank Guyton, celebrity make-up artist and artistic director at Black Opal, helped four professional women tap into their wow factor, with beauty looks that can go from the office to after hours. ---Janell Hazelwood

Photos by Jerome Shaw

Beauty Before and After: 4 Career Women Transform into Power Looks

Black Opal artistic director Frank Guyton talks tips on day-to-night looks

Frank Guyton, celebrity make-up artist and artistic director at Black Opal, creates power looks for…

By Janell Hazelwood

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For many, eyewear has moved well beyond the days of loathing to become a must-have fashion accessory. Today, glasses are associated with prestige, confidence, smarts---and swagger.

Utenzi Miller-Johnson (photographed) knows a thing or two about style-savvy specs as an entrepreneur and optician at Elegant Eyes, a New Jersey-based optical company that offers eye-care and personal concierge services. 

"A great way for busy professionals looking to upgrade their eyewear style is to set up a consultation [with a personal concierge service], Miller-Johnson says. "Another option would be to visit your local optical store and try on different looks."

Check out how to choose the perfect frames for a polished look, and 5 top picks for the hottest in eyewear. ---Janell Hazelwood

Office Chic: 5 Cool Frames for Professional Flair

Hot eyewear picks that are perfect for the office

Utenzi Miller-Johnson, entrepreneur and optician at New Jersey-based Elegant Eyes, gives her top eyewear picks…

By Janell Hazelwood

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POLL: Is Traditional Business Attire Becoming Obsolete?

Reality star Yandy Smith's 'business chic' raises question of office style

The fashion of businesswoman and Love & Hip Hop star Yandy Smith raises a vital…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Study: Showing Too Much Skin Can Hinder Job-Seeking Success

Baring all can trigger doubts about decision-making abilities

Recent research examines the correlation between inappropriate attire and job-seeking success.

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Michelle Obama's style influence has been undeniable, with women around the world taking notice. Beauty and fashion expert Mikki Taylor is one of those women, inspired by the First Lady's eloquence and contemporary fashion flair to write Commander-in-Chic: Every Woman's Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady (Atria Books; $26.99). Here are five winter apparel essentials for every working woman's closet, so you can channel the First Lady's style savvy and make it your own. ---Janell Hazelwood

Commander-in-Chic: Mikki Taylor’s 5 Winter Apparel Essentials for the Office

'Bankable' winter style picks inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama

Beauty expert Mikki Taylor gives five winter fashion staples for the office inspired by the…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Working Your Style: Perfect Plus-Size Fashion for the Office Holiday Party

Secrets to great fashions for full-figured women

Working Your Style host Daisy Lewellyn gives curvy women fab fashion options for the office…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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To ‘Loc’ or Not to ‘Loc’: Women Talk the Politics of Hair in Workplace

Getting beyond negative stereotypes of a centuries-old style

Writer Starrene Rhett explores the professional issues related to women wearing dreadlocks in the workplace.

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Daisy Lewellyn, our Working Your Style host, broke down the fashion dos and don'ts for the professional man and woman. Here, she gives alternative looks for those dangerous don'ts featured in our video. If you're looking for looks like those, here are some inspired by the makeover segment, all available at Lord & Taylor. BE Polished! ---Janell Hazelwood

Working Your Style: Get the Look Inspired by Office Fashion Makeovers

Key office staples to give your office look a boost

Here are key pieces from our Working Your Style segment where we makeover office fashion…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Working Your Style: Turn Office Fashion Don’ts into Fashion Savvy

Avoid these workplace attire disasters with easy makeover tips

Our Working Your Style Host Daisy Lewellyn shows how to upgrade typical office style mishaps…

By Janell Hazelwood

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The pride and polish of business attire is an indisputable workplace norm that has stood the test of time. As part of our As part of our BE Polished style package, Black Enterprise editors and staff showcase how they work their power game and look at the office while adding their own special flavor to show personality and professionalism. ---Janell Hazelwood

(Photos by C. Varin)

Style Profile: A Day at the Office with Black Enterprise

How BE editors and staff work professional and polished looks -- with flair

Black Enterprise staff and editors show unique workplace style and tell their top fashion essentials…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Lets face it: Today’s corporate woman is constantly on the go. And maintaining equilibrium in career, home, and spirit while being a stylish trendsetter isn’t always easy. As part of our BE Polished style series, we detail some awesome products to keep on hand for those fashion emergencies. These items will help you maintain a flawless look, and ensure you’re always ready to put your best look forward when sealing the next business deal. Your transition from the corporate office to an after-work mixer, or a date at that chic cigar lounge this fall will be seamless! ---Sirita Wright

Emergency Style Kit: 10+ Essentials for the Working Fashionista

Don't get caught at the office without these items to maintain your polished look

Last minute meetings or business events can arise at any moment, this emergency style kit…

By Sirita Wright

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Survey: Small Businesses Underestimate the Importance of Online Reviews

Adorable and Affordable Summer Dresses for Work

Stay fashionable, yet professional in these lovely frocks perfect for the office

Madame Noire gives affordable and fashionable dress picks for office attire

By BlackEnterprise.com

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10 Fashion Essentials for the Office

Madame Noire highlights 10 fashion must-haves for women in the office

Madame Noire highlights 10 fashion must-haves for women in the office

By BlackEnterprise.com

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