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black man in suit

Professional Perceptions: Do the Clothes Really Make the Man?

Popular 'suit' meme brings questions of perceptions vs. reality in the workplace

A popular meme sparks question of whether perceptions match reality. Take a poll to give…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Power OOTD: Rockin’ the Classic Black and White

Nothing says, 'I mean business,' like this classic color pair

Nothing says ‘I mean business’ like a classic, tailored black-and-white ensemble at the office. Here’s…

By Shea Zephir

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Boss Moves: Top 10 Must-Haves for Power Men

Essentials for every professional man for his first day at the office

You’ve graduated and landed your dream gig. Well, here are must-have items, from gadgets to…

By Joshua Perrin

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Check out a variety of jumpsuit options that are perfect for the office. Layer with sweaters, blazers and accessories or simply wear alone. Either way, you'll be a hit. ---Kéla Walker  (Image by Knightmare6 Photography)

Style Suite: 5 Chic Jumpsuits for the Office

Get into these versatile pieces for an easy, go-to look

Here are some great one-piece picks to add to your work wardrobe for an easy,…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: 1 Hot Dress, 3 Chic Office-Friendly Looks

Optimize your closet for maximum wear of what you already have

Before shopping for new things, here’s how you can optimize your closet to get maximum…

By Kéla Walker

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Add these key vest styles to your work wardrobe to add dept, layers or simply make a chic statement. ---Kéla Walker

Style Suite: 5 Best Vest Styles for the Office

These chic pieces add layering, dept and punch to your look

Add these key vest styles to your work wardrobe to add dept, layers or simply…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Well-Vested Vogue in the Office

What was once a stuffy suiting piece can now turn up your look

Cut in different styles, vests now add a cool factor, even in the workplace.

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: 5 Must-Have FLOTUS Fashion Pieces

As Election Day nears an end, tap into your inner First Lady with these pieces

As we all await the decision on who will lead the United States, tap into…

By Kéla Walker

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Don't be afraid to push the boundaries, especially for Casual Fridays. Check out these chic trousers that can turn up your style in the office. --- Kéla Walker
(Find out how to style these pieces here.)

Style Suite: 5 Printed Trousers to Wow at the Office

Add these hot pant picks to your work wardrobe for style flair

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries, especially for Casual Fridays, with trousers that can…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: 5 Key Pieces to Channel ‘Scandal’ Chic

Add these items to your closet for the authoritative power look

Be inspired by Kerry Washington’s fiercely stylish ‘Scandal’ character and create the perfect professional look…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Channel ‘Scandal’s’ Olivia Pope for Undeniable Office Chic

Be inspired by power looks that get you respect you deserve

Get your power look on and be inspired by Kerry Washington’s chic authoritative style on…

By Kéla Walker

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Looking Like a Bag of Money: Can the Way You Dress Affect Your Career?

'Never judge a book by its cover' just doesn’t generally apply in the office

Remember the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”? While we would like to…

By Jamie Harrison

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Style Suite: Animal Prints Add Wow Factor to Your Power Look

Spice up your fall work wardrobe with leopard and snakeskin

Add these picks to your wardrobe to make a bold yet polished statement in the…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Take That Office Look from Professional to Play

On-the-go fashion for those after-five power moves

Being an on-the-go fashionista means no time to change for those after-work events. Here’s how…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: Affordable Chic From Summer to Fall

Shop your closet and incorporate season trends without breaking the bank

In Style Suite with Kela Walker, explore how to affordably infuse fall fashion trends with…

By Kéla Walker

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Style Suite: 5 Key Pieces to Take Summer Looks into Fall

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By BlackEnterprise.com

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Cheap Chic for the Office: Women’s Fall Fashion Preview

Be sure you go into next season with these affordable staples

International stylists Ugo Mozie and Daver Campbell detail affordable, fall fashion staples for the office.

By Sirita Wright

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Campaign Trail Style: First Lady Michelle Obama’s Top Fashion Moments

Take a page from her book of chic to achieve your own power looks

Take a look at Michelle Obama’s best style moments while campaigning for President Barack Obama.…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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For many, eyewear has moved well beyond the days of loathing to become a must-have fashion accessory. Today, glasses are associated with prestige, confidence, smarts---and swagger.

Utenzi Miller-Johnson (photographed) knows a thing or two about style-savvy specs as an entrepreneur and optician at Elegant Eyes, a New Jersey-based optical company that offers eye-care and personal concierge services. 

"A great way for busy professionals looking to upgrade their eyewear style is to set up a consultation [with a personal concierge service], Miller-Johnson says. "Another option would be to visit your local optical store and try on different looks."

Check out how to choose the perfect frames for a polished look, and 5 top picks for the hottest in eyewear. ---Janell Hazelwood

Office Chic: 5 Cool Frames for Professional Flair

Hot eyewear picks that are perfect for the office

Utenzi Miller-Johnson, entrepreneur and optician at New Jersey-based Elegant Eyes, gives her top eyewear picks…

By Janell Hazelwood

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POLL: Is Traditional Business Attire Becoming Obsolete?

Reality star Yandy Smith's 'business chic' raises question of office style

The fashion of businesswoman and Love & Hip Hop star Yandy Smith raises a vital…

By Janell Hazelwood

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