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Create Your Own Experience 

Don’t wait for an internship to begin gaining experience in the gaming industry. If your passion is reporting or writing about video games, pen articles on your very own blog or website.  Aspiring public relations and marketing professionals: Volunteer to draft press releases for indie game developers or promote their content across the web. Game developers on the rise can create mods of their favorite video games, or take things a step further by drafting concept ideas for new games.  Visual artists can keep busy by testing their creative skills via poster designs and physical prototype models. 

Dan Amrich, social media manager at Activision, provided several helpful tips during the panel. “Challenge yourself. Go into an interview and always think about what you can exhibit. Show how you can help their company.”

4 Tips to Breaking into the Video Game Industry

You may not have sat through the “So You Want to Get into Gaming” panel…

By Tamika Moultrie

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Hundreds of thousands of gamers flocked to Boston this past weekend to get a sneak peek at the latest in gaming technology. PAX East 2012 had a little something for every attendee, from freeplay areas where gamers played classic video games and tabletop games to sections where major video game publishers displayed the biggest soon-to-be-released titles; not to mention, there were tons of networking opportunities.  

On the second day, panelists at “Healthy Games: Lose Weight, Live Longer, and Level Up” discussed new-age technology that will help gamers (and non-gamers alike) get fit in a fun way. Put the weights aside and pick up your controller or mobile device. Here are four health-focused tech tools that will keep you fit in a point and click:--Tamika Moultrie

4 Health Tools That Place Fitness in the Palm of Your Hand

Developers discuss health-conscious products that allow gamers to enhance their gaming skills and health comprehension

PAX East 2012 attendees listened to “Healthy Games: Lose Weight, Live Longer, and Level Up”…

By Tamika Moultrie

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