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5 Traits to Avoid For Better Management Skills

A poor leader is someone who “does not prepare their business for today’s challenges or tomorrow’s opportunities.” - Michelle Benjamin

Strong leaders are essential for successful business growth. They may not be the foundation, but…

By Sasha King

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If you’re an artist with a unique idea or a project, it can be difficult to secure funds you need to get your project off the ground. But there's good news: The art world is always open to new ideas and finding money for your projects, and while, time consuming, tapping into the resources available can be worthwhile. Below are four top options for artists to find financing for their projects. --- Sirita Wright

4 Funding Resources for Professional Artists

How to finance your professional passion for your next masterpiece

Here are top resources to ensure you won’t be a starving artist as you follow…

By Sirita Wright

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