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America’s Devotion to Gas and iPads

Lee Baker, a Georgia Tech graduate with a degree in industrial engineering, has a fondness…

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Optimistic Outlook

Morningstar equity analyst Daniel Holland sees industrial stocks as a bargain for long-term investors

At first glimpse, it’s hard to make up your mind about industrial stocks—companies involved in…

By James A. Anderson

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Keep It Moving

Recovery-minded investors can benefit from owning stock in select railroad and freight companies

Like most investors, Joe A. Gilbert pays close attention to a company’s business fundamentals and…

By John Simons

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4 Stocks to Consider If You Missed the GM IPO

We consulted a handful of market-watchers for auto investment ideas and came away with a few overlooked stocks with promise

BLACK ENTERPRISE talked to a handful market-watchers to get some investment ideas that play…

By John Simons

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Different Strokes

Mark Watson of Chicagos Keel Asset Management L.L.C selects inexpensive stocks that set him apart from the Wall Street pack

It isn’t easy to be a nonconformist in the staid, buttoned-up world of finance.

By John Simons

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Research Stocks Like a Wall Street Professional

Learn that one special thing the pros look for before making an investment

The key to making good stock-picking decisions is cold, hard research. When you make individual…

By Renita Burns

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Charge Up Your Portfolio with Small Caps

Dawn Alston Paige of Piedmont Investment Advisors recommends stocks that are benefiting from�and helping to power�economic recovery

Like all portfolio managers, Dawn Alston Paige uses complex formulas and algorithms to identify stellar…

By John Simons

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Green Investing

Money manager Isaac Green's advice on where to put your money as the economy recovers

In the dot-com-crazed ’90s, a good number of investment firms chased big returns by employing…

By Alan Hughes

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Get Ready for Recovery

Channing Capital Management CEO urges investors to jump back into the market

This is a good time to be looking at your portfolio in the context of…

By John Simons

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How To

User Interface (Image: Level Therapy)

This Black Tech Founder Found Alternative Methods to Traditional Fundraising

When Dan Miller, CEO of Level Therapy, found that traditional fundraising methods were not working,…

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3 (Non-Creepy) Ways to Follow-up After a Networking Event

If you’ve ever exchanged contact information at a networking event, then waited too long to…

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