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20 Bucket List Destinations in the United States

Local locales that should be on your must-do list

Mention the term ‘bucket list’ and most people think about traveling to a foreign country.…

By Kandia Johnson

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United States In Talks To End Embargo Against Cuba

Obama and Castro plan to resume long withstanding trade talks

With President Barack Obama final term in office, the Commander-in-Chief attempts to formalize his legacy…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Facts about Ebola

Ten Facts About the Ebola Virus

Be informed of this deadly disease

With the news of the deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa reaching…

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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Trayvon Martin’s Mother Sybrina Fulton Calls Out America

Is unconvinced that America is dedicated to fighting racism

As the media continues to opine over the results of Michael Brown’s autopsy, Sybrina Fulton…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Grass Greener in Canada? America’s middle-class no longer wealthiest in the world

One reason given is that Americans get a smaller share of the corporate pie than executives, CEO's get more and the minimum wage still remains the same.

Data shows, while our economy has been growing more rapidly than the economies of other…

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Cancer Death Rates Fall in the United States

The drop in cancer deaths began in the 1990s and continue on a downward spiral

Deaths from cancer continue to drop for American men and women from most racial and…

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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In the News: Serena Williams Hospitalized; Gadhafi Warns Against U.S. Assistance

A few noteworthy headlines around the Web

A few noteworthy headlines around the Web

By Janel Martinez

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US Loses To Honduras 3-1 In World Cup Warmup

CARSON, Calif. (AP) — The United States opened its 2010 schedule of World Cup warmups…

By Associated Press

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Japan, US Discuss Ways To Resolve Custody Disputes

TOKYO (AP) — The United States urged Japan on Friday to resolve a growing number…

By Associated Press

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