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Girl Scouts Chapter to Introduce Patch for Video Game Development

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles and Women in Games International partner to create new skill patch

The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles has partnered with Women in Games International to…

By Janel Martinez

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Jay-Z to Serve As Executive Producer of ‘NBA2K13’

The Brooklyn-born rapper and entrepreneur adds executive producer to his accomplishments with upcoming “NBA2K13” game

Multi-platinum selling rapper-turned-entrepreneur Jay-Z is venturing into new waters with his latest business endeavor. It…

By Janel Martinez

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Create Your Own Experience 

Don’t wait for an internship to begin gaining experience in the gaming industry. If your passion is reporting or writing about video games, pen articles on your very own blog or website.  Aspiring public relations and marketing professionals: Volunteer to draft press releases for indie game developers or promote their content across the web. Game developers on the rise can create mods of their favorite video games, or take things a step further by drafting concept ideas for new games.  Visual artists can keep busy by testing their creative skills via poster designs and physical prototype models. 

Dan Amrich, social media manager at Activision, provided several helpful tips during the panel. “Challenge yourself. Go into an interview and always think about what you can exhibit. Show how you can help their company.”

4 Tips to Breaking into the Video Game Industry

You may not have sat through the “So You Want to Get into Gaming” panel…

By Tamika Moultrie

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Founder of Gamer Fit Nation Talks Fitness and Gaming

Antwand Pearman, founder, president and editor in chief at Gamer Fit Nation, is infusing health into the gaming industry

Antwand Pearman, most commonly known online as “BlackBible,” talks being a black gamer, slimming down,…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Graphic Artists Earns High Score in Gaming Industry with New App

Cartoonist Andre Augustin launches his startup, Notion Games, and finds success with mobile game debut

A talented artist Andrew Augustin launches his video game startup Notion Games with the release…

By Tamika Moultrie

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Microsoft Game Designer Stays ‘Kinected’ to her Roots

Karisma Williams carves out a lane for herself and others in an industry where she's the minority

As a Senior Experience Developer/Designer for Xbox Kinect, Karisma Williams uses her tech knowledge to…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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CJ Peters takes control of his career

Video Game Enthusiasts Get Crowned ‘Konsole Kingz’

Atlanta businessmen follow their passion by blending hip-hop and video game culture

CJ Peters and Marcus Matthews of Konsole Kingz partners with video game company’s to attract…

By Anslem Samuel

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