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bitcoin st. petersburg bowl

ESPN Will Have Bitcoin-Sponsored Football

Post-season NCAA game will be sponsored by a U.S. bitcoin payment startup

ESPN’s NCAA football game in St. Petersburg will be sponsored by startup Bitpay, making it…

By Patrick Austin

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bitcoin believer

If Dollars Were Like Bitcoins You Should Panic

GHash is claiming responsibility, but the bitcoin mining pool has promised not to cause any harm to the virtual currency market

Bitcoin miners often use high-powered machines or many low-power ones to generate bitcoins. (Image credit:…

By Patrick Austin

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Yahoo Finance Bitcoin

Bitcoin Goes More Mainstream In Yahoo! Finance

The finance site is treating the virtual currency like any other site, all while boosting its credibility among investors

Bitcoin's volatile value has been on the upswing over the last few weeks. (Image credit:…

By Patrick Austin

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Dish Network satellite

DISH Network Will Accept Bitcoin

Dish is the largest company to accept the virtual currency, ahead of Overstock.com and Virgin America

The decision to accept Bitcoin as payment is great for customer convenience, and a differentiator…

By Patrick Austin

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Chinese Banks Are Banning Bitcoins

Support for Bitcoin in China is shrinking thanks to the country's ban on using bitcoins in a Chinese bank account

The announcement did not greatly affect the price of Bitcoin, as it has so far…

By Patrick Austin

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Another Digital Currency Heist Steals $70,000 From Exchange

Hackers got away with 1.5 million coins

Hackers tampered with a glitch at currency exchange company Crypto Rush

By Patrick Austin

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Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Finds 200,000 Bitcoins

Virtual currency exchange Mt. Gox found a stash of 200,000 bitcoins

Why were they lost in the first place?

By Patrick Austin

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