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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Stress and tension is pretty commonplace in the world of work. Throw in long hours at a computer and the discomfort is multiplied by eye strain, stiff joints and other aches and pains. Most of these maladies are easily correctable with stretching. But if you’re not careful, you can compound the problem with improper technique.

StretchWare: The software That reminds you to stretch! by Bob Anderson, can help you get all the benefits without fear of injury. There are 14 different routines, such as the “Good Morning! Start-up,” each with six stretches that take no more than two minutes to complete. All are clearly illustrated and include instructions to ensure proper form.

Create a schedule by activating a reminder that sounds, flashes on your taskbar or pops up directly onto the screen. You can activate the reminder at regular intervals (every two hours, for example), at specific times of the day or by number of keystrokes or mouse clicks. There are even online and book resources for additional information on stretching.

StretchWare: The Software That Reminds You to Stretch! by Bob Anderson (Shelter Publications, $39.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling). To order, call 800-307-0131 or visit www. stretchware.com.

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