Diishan Imira

Diishan Imira

Diishan Imira

Co-founder & CEO, Mayvenn

Diishan Imira, is Co-founder and CEO of Mayvenn, an online platform that enables hairstylists and beauty professionals to retail products to their clients without having to buy or hold inventory.

Diishan was born and raised in Oakland, California.  He graduated Hampton University with a BA of Sociology.  However, a strong aversion to offices and cubicles sent him into the world of entrepreneurship.  Diishan moved to China after college and within a year started importing shoes back to the U.S. to sell.  Yes, Diishan was the guy at the barber shop with the Jordans for sale.  At 24, he eventually opened an import company, and for several years traveled the world importing everything from clothes, to furniture, to art.

In 2008 Diishan decided to do a dual-degree MBA program at Georgia State University, and The Sorbonne, in Paris.   He studied in Paris, Rio De Janiero, China, and interned at Ernst and Young in Addis Ababa.  The combination of raw international hustle experience, refined by having gotten a view of business at the corporate level prepared Diishan for his next phase.

In 2011 a family member who happened to be a hairstylist asked him if he could help her get a supply of hair extensions from overseas.  He did, and in the process found a lucrative way to make extra money by selling hair to all the salons in East and West Oakland.  Again, Diishan was back selling things out of his trunk at hair shops.  But this time, he saw things through a different lens.  Not only did he see a fundamental problem of distribution, he found it unacceptable that the same hair stylists and salons that referred billions of dollars of business to beauty supply stores, received nothing in return.  Diishan was lit up by the idea of helping hundreds of thousands of people from his community earn better incomes.  And he could create an enormous business doing it.  So he got to work.

Mayvenn has now raised a total of $13M dollars in funding from top-tier Venture Capital funds like Andreesen Horowitz, as well as name investors like Serena Williams, Steve Stoute, Jimmy Iovine, and Troy Carter.  Over 40,000 stylists are already increasing their incomes using the Mayvenn platform.